sábado, 29 de abril de 2017

»XOZZEN« Founder Restablishing Problems in Life; SITE Will Be Back, Soon !

Hello everybody,

I'm Vasco "Nrk?t!x" Bruno, the Founder of »XOZZEN« CyberTronx Website.
I wanna tell you about something that happened in my life, I've had some big financial problems
in the last year, after some people I've had some relationships, exploited me in every way possible and so, »XOZZEN«'s had to be shutted down temporarily. The main website will be back soon, without any specific date when to be turned on.

Sorry about all the people who waited for it in the latest years, we'll try to bring it back as soon as possible, when I encounter a job and a new house to be able to have a bit tranquility, confort in life, without the crisis I've been living after these people who rounded me and robbed me in any way imaginable. More than 15 people are in court because of this.

I can tell you that »XOZZEN« is being remade from scratch, transforming from a social network with any integrated multimédia files of any sorts available, being shared by all diversed types of people and files of more than 50 theme topics available and more than 100.000 categories from each of those theme topics. The website is turned out to be the biggest repository of any type of files in the world, with the possibility of being a social network in the same sort of the first prototype of website, »XOZZEN« has been to be, just all the way around.

Stay tuned for the following months, as we'll be making more updates about how its been worked on and when is really ready to make the difference in the online space of the internet. Sorry once again for the wait, we'll try to bring the best site in life to our lives for the following years, as best as we can get.

Compliments from Vasco "Nrk?t!x" Bruno to all of you ! ;-)

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