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domingo, 30 de novembro de 2014

"Topaz" - The World's Largest Solar Power Plant, is Now Up and Running

Solar Power just Hit One of its Biggest Milestones, in More Ways than One. First Solar Recently Finished Building, Topaz, a 550-Megawatt Plant that Represents the Largest Active Solar Farm on the Planet. And we do Mean Large -- the Installation's 9 Million Solar Panels Cover 9.5 Square Miles of California's Carrizo Plain. It's an Impressive Feat that Should Power 160,000 Homes on Pacific Gas and Electric's Grid, although it Won't be Alone at the Top for Very Long. First Solar's Desert Sunlight Farm will Match that Capacity once its Last Solar Cells Go Online and SunPower's 579MW Solar Star is Due to Go Live in 2015. Not that, there's a Problem with that, of Course. These Solar Plants Have been a Long Time Coming and they Promise Eco-Friendly Energy for Hundreds of Thousands of Golden State Residents.

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Razer's Smart Wristband is Finally Arriving December 2nd

Razer's "Nabu" Wristband has been Long in the Making but, it's Finally here...Well, Almost. The Gear Maker has Announced that its Hybrid Activity Tracker and Smartwatch will be Available in North America on December 2nd. According to the Company, that Nearly Year-Long Wait Makes Sure that, it Lives Up to its Promises, including Social Networking Features that Pop Up When you Meet Fellow "Nabu" Owners. It'll Normally be Available for $100, although the 1st 5,000 Razer Insider Members Who Pre-Order, Can Score a Unit for $80. The "Nabu" is a Bit Late to the Party Given that Rivals like Fitbit Have Stepped up their Game in Recent Months but, it May be a Nice Complement to your Gaming Laptop.

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Jolla Promises to Give Tablets, Cellular Connection if it Raises $2.5 Million

When Jolla Launched an Indiegogo Campaign to Fund the Development of its Tablet, the Company was Only Aiming to Make $380,000. Somewhere along the Way -- Say the Moment it Reached $1 Million in Pledges -- the People Behind Jolla, probably Realized that, the Public are into the Idea. So, they've Now Added Some Nice Stretch Goal Promises, the Most Ambitious of which Being the Addition of 3.5G or Cellular Connectivity -- but, Only if they Get More than $2.5 Million. While that's a Lofty Goal, the Other 2 are a Bit More Realistic: they're Promising to Add microSDHC Support for Cards Up to 128GB in Capacity if they Raise $1.5 Million (at Time of Writing, the Project is just $200,000 Shy of that) and to Introduce Split Screen Capability for $1.75 Million. Jolla has also Introduced a $3,499 Micro-Distributor Starter Kit Tier for 20 Tablets. The Plucky Startup is Clearly Pulling Out All the Stops in Order to Double the Current Pledge Total within the Last 12 Days of the Campaign.

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sábado, 29 de novembro de 2014

XBox's Japan Chief, Takashi Sensui, Resigns After Bleak XBox One Sales in the "Land of the Rising Sun"

The General Manager of XBox Japan will Resign his Post this Weekend, though he will Continue to Work for Microsoft in America. According to Famitsu, Takashi Sensui has been Head of XBox Japan since April 2006 and his Tenure will Come to an End on November 30th. No Reason was Offered for Sensui's Departure, Nor has his Successor been Named. The Circumstances would be More Suspicious were it Not for Japan's apparent Resistance to the XBox Brand and Product Line-Up. When Sensui was Promoted to General Manager of XBox Japan, Around 5 Months after the Launch of the XBox 360, the System had Sold just Over 100,000 Units.

That was Considered a Slow Start but, Despite Attempts to Appeal to Local Tastes with Exclusives like Lost Planet, Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, XBox was Roundly Ignored by Japanese Gamers. By the Middle of 2011, the XBox 360 had Sold 1.5 Million Units. By Contrast, the XBox Sold 2 Million Units in Around Half the Time. While it's still Early in the Console Generation, the XBox One Shows No Indication of Reversing that Trend. The Console Shifted just 30,000 Units in its 1st Month and its Sales Performance is Now under 1,000 Units per Week. In Terms of Asia, China has already Surpassed Japan as a Market for the XBox One, with 100,000 Units Sold in its Debut Month.

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sexta-feira, 28 de novembro de 2014

The "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Teaser Trailer is Now Online

The Wait is Over and a Whole New Saga has Begun. Here's your 1st Glimpse at the Future of the Star Wars Galaxy:

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VIDEO: "MANTIS" – INSANELY COOL Hexapod Walking Machine

I’m Sure that Most of you Have Memories from the SF Films that we Use to Watch as Kids, in which Some Totally Whacked Out Scientist is Driving in his Weird and Out of this World Machine, Doing Some Totally Insane Stuff. I Can Speak for Myself and Say that, those Pictures Have Permanent Marks in my Photo Memory so, Every Time I See Some Insanely Cool Machine, it Reminds me on those Mad Scientists and How I Use to Imagine Taking a Ride in One of their Things. Well, for All those Who Feel the Same Way, Micromagic Systems Company has Made their Dream Much Closer to Reality than Ever Before. The Product of their Work is this Insect-Like Monster, which has been Described as the Largest, Hexapod Robot on the Planet, Able to Operate on All Kinds of Terrain.

It is Very Massive (as Expected), Weighting 4188 Pounds, 9.18 Feet Tall and it is Powered by a Perkins 2.2 Liter Turbo Diesel Motor. It is also Equipped with All Kinds of Sensors (Like an Inclinometer and Force Transducers) and Special Software that Helps it Controlling its 18 Hydraulic Actuators in its Legs. Check Out the Video bellow, Shot during the 1st Tests about 2 Years Ago and Don't Hesitate to Share your Thought with us in the Comment Section.

Enjoy the Video:

Tumblr Overtakes Instagram as Fastest-Growing Social Platform

With 1.35 Billion Monthly Users, Facebook Might be the World's Largest Social Network but, it Seems to Have Reached a Saturation Point. The Latest Report by Global Web Index Claims that, Tumblr is Currently the Fastest Growing Social Network Showing a Growth Rate of 120% in the Past 6 Months Compared to Facebook's Measly 2%. Pinterest and Instagram Follow Closely Behind with the Number of Active Users increasing by 111% and 64% respectively. It is Quite Interesting to Note that, All Other Major Social Networks including LinkedIn (54%), Twitter (26%), YouTube (25%) and Google+ (16%) Displayed a Better Growth Rate than Facebook. Facebook Fared Quite Poorly in Terms of Increase in Number of Registered Users as well Showing only a 6% Growth Rate these Past 6 Months. Pinterest Lead this Race with a 57% Increase in Members Competing with Tumblr (45%), Instagram (36%), LinkedIn (27%), Twitter (18%) and Others Trailing Behind. Jason Mander, Head of Trends and Author of the GWI Report, Writes:

"Facebook has some major challenges to face. Firstly, people are growing tired of it, with 50% of members in the UK and US saying that they’re using it less frequently than they used to (rising to 64% among teens). Since the start of 2013, we’ve seen behaviors like sharing photos and messaging friends fall by around 20 percentage points."

Although Facebook is still One of the Most Popular Mobile Social Apps to Date, in Terms of Growth it has been Overtaken by Snapchat, which Leading the Race by Quite a Long Margin. Despite Facebook's Poor Performance Overall, Messenger, the Social Network's IM Client, Comes 2nd in Terms of Growth which Leads to Speculation that, the Company should Look to Acquire Other relatively Smaller Apps to Fuel it's currently Dismal Growth Rate.

You Can Read GWI's Full Report below by Hitting Up the Source Link:

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Ridley Scott Won't Direct "Blade Runner" Sequel

A Sequel to Blade Runner has been in the Works for a Few Years Now but, it Appears that, Ridley Scott No Longer Plans to Direct it. In Comments to Variety, Scott is Reported to Have Said that, he will be Producing but, Not Directing, the Sequel to Blade Runner, Unlike What's been Planned Up until Now. The Change of Course is Likely Due to the Full Plate of Films that Scott has been Lining Up. In Addition to the Blade Runner Sequel, he was also Working on a Prometheus Sequel and an Adaptation of the Novel, The Martian. Scott Says that, the New Blade Runner should Start Filming within the Next Year, according to Variety.

He also Gave Some of the 1st Details on What the Movie will be About. Scott Reportedly Says that, Harrison Ford has Signed on to Reprise his Role from the Original Movie but, Ford will Apparently only Factor into the End of the Film. "Harrison is very much part of this one but, really it’s about finding him", Scott Tells Variety. "He comes in in the third act." Scott also Says that, the Script Makes Sense in the Way that, it Relates to the Original. He's Previously Called it "Damn Good".

There's No Word on Who Might Replace him as Director.

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quinta-feira, 27 de novembro de 2014

Windows 10 ISOs of Build 9879, Now Available for Download

Microsoft Released a New Build of Windows 10 a Few Weeks Back and if you are Wanting to Use the ISO Files to Perform a Clean Install, you Can Now do so with the Links at the Bottom of this Post. These ISO Files Make it Easy to Install the Latest Version of the Technical Preview from a Clean Slate so you Don't Have to Jump through the Upgrade Hoops to Acquire the Latest Builds. If you Have Installed 9879, Let us Know How it is Working for you and if you Find Anything New, Make Sure to Send us a Tip.

Info Sources for Both "Windows 10 Build 9879" US / UK (32- and 64-Bit Versions) :

Dropbox and Office, Now Integrated on iOS

Microsoft Shocked Some People with its Recent Partnership with Dropbox but, Tons of Users Have Hailed this Approach as a Very Positive Sign. Last Week, the 1st Major Changes Showed Up on Android Handsets and Now it’s iOS’s Turn. Folks Using the Dropbox App for iOS, May Find that, there are Some New Features Available, which were Turned on Last Night. The Application Now Integrates with Microsoft’s Office Suite though, this Isn’t Exactly the In-App Editing of Files we were Expecting. While Accessing a Document in Dropbox you May Notice a New Edit Button which, When Pressed, Takes you Over to the Correct Office App and Opens the Document for Editing. When you Close the Office App, the Edited Version Automatically Gets Saved to Dropbox. Likewise, Using any Office App, you’re Now Able to Browse and Save Documents Directly to the Cloud Storage Service. Dropbox is Obviously Free though, Dropbox for Business Clients will Require an Office 365 Subscription to Take Advantage of the New Features.

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Want a White XBox One ? Be Prepared to Pay a Premium

A Few Weeks Back, Microsoft Announced a White XBox One Console Bundle that Comes with Sunset Overdrive. If you're Looking to Grab this Package, be Prepared to Wait as it Looks like Retailers are Sold Out and the Bundles are Selling for a Premium on eBay. The Bundle, which Costs $350 and Comes with a White XBox One and Sunset Overdrive is Sold Out at Nearly All Major Retailers. Walmart, BestBuy and GameStop, All Show that, the Bundle is Out of Stock at this Time. If you Head on over to eBay, you will See that, the Console is Selling Well Above the $350 MSRP with an Average Price around $450 with Some Auctions Going Over $500. For Microsoft, this is Both Good and Bad News.

The Good is that, they are Selling Every Single White XBox One that they Can Make, the Bad is that, they Aren't Able to Fill the Retail Channels with Enough Inventory to Satisfy the Demand. The Black Bundles with Other Games still Appear to be in Stock so, this is Not a Mass Sell-Out of Consoles Ahead of the Holidays but Simply that, the White Console is Drawing Strong Demand. If you're Looking to Pick Up One of these Consoles, your Best Bet is to Try Using One of the Stock-Alert Functions that Walmart and Other Retailers Have to Notify When the Product Becomes Available. Otherwise, you will be Stuck Paying a Premium for a White Console ahead of the Holidays, as this is Clearly the Version that Most Gamers Want this Year.

Now You Can Check which Devices are Accessing your Google Account

Google has Rolled Out a New Security Feature that Lets you to View your Account Access History for the Past 28 Days Called, 'Devices and Activity' Dashboard. Anyone with a Google Account Can Access it, here (Pic #2). As well as, Device Information, the Dashboard also Shows the Location of the User Accessing the Account, which Can be a Big Help to Verify if it's Legit or Not. The Dashboard also Lets you Beef Up the Security of your Account by Enabling 2-Step Authentication, the Security Method Uses a 2nd Email Address and Mobile Telephone Number in the Event you Forget your Password or Have Other Issues Accessing your Google Account. The Wizard, which was Primarily Aimed at Administrators, is Now Available to Anyone Directly at . There's also a Consumer Friendly Version of the 2-Step Authentication Wizard here which has been Available for Much Longer.

Info Source:

Microsoft Prematurely Announces that, it Has Acquired "Acompli"

"Blank Post Please Delete" - an Unfinished Blog Post Listed as Written by Microsoft by Vice-President, Rajesh Jha, Showed Up on RSS Wires Earlier Today and Subsquently Raised Some Interesting Questions. The Content of the Post was Very Similar to the Title with just a Comma Added: “blank post, please delete”.

Here’s What it Looked like:

This Came with an Interesting URL: a Non-Existent Page on the Official Microsoft Blog Formatted to Indicate that, the Post had been Made on November 25th. The Question that Comes Up though, is: "What’s Acompli ?". As it Turns Out, "Acompli" is a Mobile Email App that's Available for iOS and Android that Offers Different Options of Combining Email and Calendar in One App Making it Easier for its Users to Find Anything: Files, Older Messages or People. It's so Popular that, a Couple of Weeks Ago a User Tweeted that, Microsoft should Buy it and it Looks like Someone at Redmond Took Notice.

Even though, there are a Number of Other Competing Apps, "Acompli’s" Look-and-Feel and Feature Set, Help it Stand Out. So, it is Easy to See Why Microsoft May be Interested in Acquiring the App. The Blog Post and its Intriguing URL Didn't Come Out of Nowhere. It's Not Clear Yet if this Deal is about to Happen or if Something Fell through at the Last Moment. It May Come to Nothing or we May Soon Hear that Microsoft has a New Company in its Folds. It's Not the 1st Time an Executive has Made such a Mistake, on Tuesday the Twitter CFO Tweeted a Similar Company Takeover Announcement but, the Target Wasn't Named in this Instance.

Info Sources:

"Dead or Alive 5: Last Round" for PC Revealed ?

An ESRB Rating is Now Online for "Dead or Alive 5: Last Round" for Windows, XBox One and PlayStation 4. Here's What they List for the Game that Earned it an "M" Rating:

"This is a fighting game in which players engage in martial arts battles against a large cast of characters. Players mostly punch and kick opponents during fast-paced rounds of combat. Some fighters use special attacks involving swords, throwing weapons, or magic; matches are accompanied by battle cries and exaggerated impact effects. Cutscenes also depict instances of violence, such as characters getting struck down with swords in slow motion. Most female fighters are dressed in revealing outfits (large amounts of cleavage); their breasts frequently jiggle while standing or fighting. Some bikini-style costumes (with narrow strips of cloth) barely cover fighters' bodies, exposing large amounts of breasts/buttocks; one hologram-like figure appears to be nude — though her reflective skin obscures any discernible details (i.e., nipples or genitalia). In some sequences, players have the ability to zoom in on female fighters' cleavage and / or posterior and take pictures."

Info Sources:

"Batman: Arkham Knight " New Trailer

A New Trailer from "Batman: Arkham Knight", Shows Off Some Key Features from the upcoming Action / Adventure Sequel. Here's Word on the Videoclip, which Kicks Off a 3-Part Series:

"The video, titled The Official Batman: Arkham Knight – Ace Chemicals Infiltration – Pt. 1, highlights new game features including the new Fear Takedown maneuver, as well as the seamless integration of the Batmobile into gameplay and Combat Mode. Watch as Batman takes on Arkham Knight’s henchmen to rescue the remaining ACE Chemicals plant workers and stop Arkham Knight from executing The Scarecrow’s plans."

Info Source:

Microsoft Reportedly Planning Windows 10 Event for January

Microsoft will Hold an Event this January, to Show Off the New Features of Windows 10, according to The Verge. Although January is Traditionally Dominated by the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Redmond is apparently Planning a Standalone Event Later in the Month, to Create Some Buzz for the New OS, Away from the Confines of a Busy Trade Show. Some Facets of Windows 10 were Detailed Earlier this Year but, Next Month's Event will apparently be "More Significant", with Microsoft Laying Out its Plans for Phones and Tablets and Possibly Detailing a New XBox One Dashboard Update. The Verge Says, Microsoft Should Formally Announce the Event before the Year's End.

Info Source:

"LG GizmoPal" Wearable, Lets Kids Call their Parents with One Button

Even though, the Wearable Space is Flooded with a Ton of Options, Most of those are Geared toward Grown-Ups. And Hey, Why Not Let the Little Ones Join the Fun too. Earlier this Year, LG Introduced the KizOn in South Korea, a Wearable for Children that Made it Easy for them to Communicate with their Parents. Today, that Same Device is Coming to the US on Verizon but, here it will be Known as the "GizmoPal". The Idea behind LG's New Wearable is Extremely Simple, as it Only Requires Being Set Up with a Pre-Configured Number and, Using a Single Button, Kid(s) Can then Easily Make or Receive a Call to and from it. The "GizmoPal" also Comes with a Companion App, Available for iOS and Android, which Uses GPS Features to Allow you, the Parent, to Easily Monitor your Child's Location at All Times. Not Surprisingly, you'll Need Verizon Service on the "GizmoPal" for it to Work as Intended -- the Fee itself is a Mere $5 per Month. It's Available Now from the Carrier's Site for $80, while All Brick-and-Mortar Stores are Going to Start Selling it on December 11th (Some in the Midwest Have it in Stock as of Today).

Info Source:

"Windows 10" Will Play Your .MKV and .FLAC Files, All on its Own

High-End Audio Enthusiasts Love FLAC since it Promises to Preserve Everything just as it was Heard in the Studio. Unfortunately, it Isn't the Most Widely-Supported of Formats but, it Appears as if it's Going to Get a Warm Embrace in Windows 10. Gabriel Aul of Microsoft's Windows Insider Program, Tweeted Out a Screenshot (below), Showing FLAC Support in Windows Media Player, Later Adding that, the OS is Offering Platform-Level Support - so, any Compatible App will Now be Able to Play the Files without a Plug-In. Given that Microsoft also Recently Let Slip that it'll Support the .MKV Container in its Next-Gen OS, it's Clear that, Redmond is Reaching Out to the Inner AV Geek in All of us.

Info Sources:

"Opera" is Working on a Subscription-Based Storefront for Apps

For Entertainment Services such as Netflix and Spotify, the All-You-Can-Eat Model has been Tremendously Beneficial -- Both Have Racked Up Millions and Millions of Subscribers to Date. When it Comes to Offering Mobile Applications, though, that Idea of Subscriptions Hasn't Really Taken Off. Regardless of Whether you're an Independent Developer or a Major Brand, you Depend Heavily on Storefronts like Apple's App Store or Google Play, to Sell and Promote your Content. But, Opera Software, Known Mostly for its Web Browsers, Wants to Change this. With its New Subscription Mobile Store Initiative, Opera Wants to Give Companies a Platform to Offer their Apps through, as the Name Suggests, a Subscription Service. In Theory, Opera's Marketplace would Work in Similar Fashion to Something like the Amazon Appstore but, Without the One-Time Paid and "Free" Downloads. Instead, Anyone Making them Could Charge, Say, on a Weekly Basis for Access to their Applications. It's Definitely Not a Bad Idea, Now we'll just Have to Wait and See if Opera Can Manage to Get Others on Board.

Info Sources:

James Cameron's "Avatar" Sequels Will Stick to 48 Frames per Second

There was Talk for a while that, James Cameron would Shoot the "Avatar" Sequels at a Brisk 60 Frames per Second, which is No Mean Feat When People Aren't Yet Sure about 48FPS Movies. However, it Now Looks like the Famed Director is Scaling Back those Ambitions. He Tells Empire that, he was Considering 60FPS to Accommodate home Viewers (since it's Better-Suited to TVs) but, that he's Ultimately Sticking with 'just' 48FPS; he's Plugging into a "More Mature" System Where the Slower Speed Makes Sense. The Sci-Fi Sagas Won't Push the Boundaries of Moviemaking Technology Quite as Far as you Might Have Expected, then, but, the Chances are that, they'll still be Visual Extravaganzas.

Info Sources:

"Manatee" - A Sub for the Masses

We’ve Gone to the Moon and Even Sent Probes to Mars but, it’s Mind Boggling to Think that, we’ve Only Managed to Explore 10% of our Own Vast Oceans ! This is in Part because, the Deep Sea has been Limited to Scientists and Research Groups. The "Manatee" Submersible Concept Vehicle was Designed to Give the Rest of us a Chance to do a Little Exploring of our Own. More about Recreation than Scientific Discovery, the Interior is Roomy and Comfortable for a Relaxing Experience. A Simple User Interface, Joystick Controls and Touch Screen Controls, Ensure Anyone Can Get the Hang of it.

quarta-feira, 26 de novembro de 2014

Microsoft Rolls Out Bing Maps Traffic Guesstimation Worldwide

Bing Maps Users Outside the US, will Now Have a Better Idea of How Long it Takes to Get from A to B, as Microsoft has just Launched Clearflow Traffic Estimation Around the World. The System Works by Taking Live Traffic Data for Main Roads and Surface Streets, then Extrapolating it to Unreported Routes. That Differs Drastically from Google's Approach, in which Speed and Position Data is Sent from Each Maps User's Device to Estimate Live Traffic Conditions. Google Relies on Strength in Numbers of its Android (and Maps) Ecosystem, which Microsoft Lacks -- but, Bing Maps Uses Nokia's Well-Regarded Navteq Traffic System. Whichever you Use, you're Now More Likely to Duck Traffic and Arrive at the Ball on Time.

Info Source:

Don't Call it a Fire Sale: Amazon's Phone is Now $199

When we Reviewed Amazon's Fire Phone, we Said that, you'd Better Off Waiting for the Sequel. That's Good Advice for you but, Not Ideal for the Company, since it Ate a $170 Million Loss and has $83 Million Worth of Unsold Devices Piled High in Warehouses. It's Probably for that Reason that the Company has, Once Again, Slashed the Off-Contract Price of the Handset Down from $449 to $199. Technically, of Course, since the Device Comes with a Year's Free Prime Subscription (Worth $99), you're Only Really Paying $100, which you Have to Admit is Pretty Damn Cheap. You're still Probably Better to Wait for the Follow-Up, though.

Info Sources:

"Tourbillon" Black Beauty Watch

"Tourbillon" is One of the Most Basic Complications that you Look for in a Watch, the Grounding Factor and the Most Poetic One. It is Essential in Keeping the Negative Effects of Gravity on the Accuracy of Time Telling, Away. What we Have here is the "Tourbillon Black Hole Concept" Watch, which is Inspired by our Universe and Especially by the Black Holes.

- The 3 Rings (Hours and Minutes) are Designed like a Vortex and the Tourbillon Escapement Represent a Nebula that is Going to be Inhaled.

- You Can See a Transparent Disk with White Points (Stars) : this is the Disk of the Seconds and it Moves at the Speed of 360 Degrees / Minutes.

- The Moving Tourbillon and this Stars Disk + the Rotating Rings will Create a Beautiful Black Hole Effect.

The Movement is Mechanical and Hand-Wound with the Power Spring Placed on the Left Side of the Watch. All of this is Visible Thanks to a 2nd Sapphire Glass. The Time is Indicated by the Blue Arrow and we Can See that Presently it Shows 3h 18min

Materials: Rubber, Stainless Steel with Black PVD Finish, Hi-Tech Black Ceramic, Sapphire Glass.

"Yura" - A Personal Bartender Flying Drone

"Yura" is a Personal Bartender that Can Make Anything from a Healthy Cocktail, Tea to Coffee. Besides Being this Futuristic Droid that Hovers and Flies, it has the Ability to Make your Drink with the Accurate Number of Calories that your Diet Requires. The Main Body of the Appliance Features a Smart Cartridge that Can Heat or Cool the Beverage. Powered by a Computer Chip, the Device has Features like Power Settings, Navigation Map, Voice Commands, Wi-Fi, Email and Software Download. This Self-Recharging Flying Robot, Uses Kinetic Energy to Power itself. As a Part of the 2014 Electrolux Design Lab Shortlisted Top 35 Semi-Finalists, I’d Love to See How this Concept Progresses Down the Charts.