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sexta-feira, 29 de maio de 2015

The Reason Why in the Last Week, »XoZZeN« Has Been Lacking News

Hi People,

Just to notice you guys that, I'm sorry about the lack of news in the last week here in this unofficial «XoZZeN« Blog, as I'm now merging all my work into writing more than 95% of the news I was doing here, in my personal blog on the official website, whereas will be the right place for you to follow any interesting technology news that come up from me, or any other people as well. More and more, the website approaches from its final release, I will have yet more work until the conclusion of the development of the final website, always within the terms in expanding itself over time, of course.

The website will be concluded and opened to the public sometime on July 1st or in the worst of cases, only on August 1st. But it won't ever be delayed anymore as the website is pretty mostly done by now. The only things being worked together yet on the site, is the final build structures for the social networking side of it, the exportation of some of the medias done in the last 10 years, additional testing to the chatting functionalities of the site and the final work being done in everything news about, files databases, stats etc interconnected with forums and all, of the more than 50 theme topics available for you to search and find whatever you want.

So, stay tuned for more updated news on the final conclusion of the website and don't forget, be patient. After what is being worked on, on this website, the real future for all of us, is not a mirage anymore. Stay confident and always believe in yourself.

Final compliments from myself...the Founder/Admin of »XoZZeN« CyberTronx,

                                                                             Vasco "Nrk?t!x" Bruno

VIDEO: MIT’S “Cheetah" Robot, Can Jump over Hurdles while Running

MIT’s Scientists Spent Years Making the “Cheetah“ Robot a More Efficient Runner. Now that’s Done, its Creators probably Thought it was Time to Give it a Major Upgrade: the Metal Quadruped Can Now Autonomously Jump over Hurdles like a Trained Horse. Yes, it Can Automatically Detect and Leap over Multiple Objects while it Runs — Even without a Tether. The Scientists Claim, it’s the “first four-legged robot” to be Able to do so and we’ll Bet, they’ll Train it further to Leap over Much Higher Walls, as well as, Give Future Machines the Same Ability. Now, Where Can we Hide ? ;)

Info Source & Video:

quinta-feira, 28 de maio de 2015

"Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare", "Supremacy" Details and Gameplay Trailer

Activision Offers Details on "Supremacy", the Next DLC Package for "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare", Saying, this will Come to the XBox Editions of the Military FPS Sequel on June 2, with the Windows and PlayStation Editions to Follow. This will Bring 4 New Multiplayer Maps to the Game along with the Next Installment in the Exo Zombies Saga, which Adds Bruce Campbell to the Star-Studded Cast.

This Trailer Shows Off "Supremacy" Gameplay and here's a Chunk of the Announcement:

"Set against iconic landmarks, Supremacy takes players across the world in some of our most exciting maps to date. New and exciting vertical routes give players unique ways to dominate the battle through both the exo movement set and the new Exo Grapple ability. We are also thrilled to reimagine one of the most popular Call of Duty maps ever, Modern Warfare® 2's Highrise, with exo and grapple gameplay for fans to enjoy", said Michael Condrey, Co-Founder and Studio Head, Sledgehammer Games. "This is not only the four new multiplayer maps but, the continuation of the popular Exo Zombies saga. We're huge fans of Bruce Campbell and to be able to add him to the already great roster of performers in Exo Zombies takes this to a new level", said Glen Schofield, Co-Founder and Studio head, Sledgehammer Games."

Info Source:

terça-feira, 26 de maio de 2015

New "Mad Max Savage Road" Trailer Unveiled

With the Rousing Success of the New Mad Max Movie in Cinemas, WBIE Offers a Timely New Trailer Showing Off, "Mad Max Savage Road", Avalanche Studios’ upcoming Action Game Based on the Movie Franchise.

Here’s Word on the Cinematic Clip:

"Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Avalanche Studios today unveiled the Mad Max™ Savage Road Trailer, showing Max who is left for dead as his cherished Interceptor is stolen by the merciless Wasteland tyrant, Scrotus and his warboys. Max must rebuild a powerful new war machine to escape the deadly Wasteland and can only do that with the aid of his quirky sidekick and expert mechanic, Chumbucket."

The Great Trailer for the Game, is here:

segunda-feira, 25 de maio de 2015

VIDEO: The "Witcher 3" with PC Mods is the Best Looking Game Ever Made

What you're Looking at above, Isn't Real Life but, it Might as well be. It's the "Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" Running with Mods and an Example of How Beautiful the Game Can be, When Modded Running on currently Available PC Hardware. Let's be Real here, the "Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" is a Pretty Game but, Can be Rough Around the Edges. At Times it Looks Downright Spectacular, Even on the Hardware Constrained Console Versions. Other Times it Looks Flat and Lacking Color, Thanks to a Noticeable Downgrade in its Lighting Effects during Production. CineFX is a Preset that Uses Reshade and SweetFX to Push the "Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" to its Boundaries.

The Image above is a Significantly Resized Image of an Originally Unaltered Screenshot Taken at 4K. You Can View the Image among Several Others in the Most Impressive VideoGame Screenshot Gallery I've Personally Ever Seen here on Imgur (1). I Decided to Try this Combination of Modifications for Myself, Using my Intel i5 3570k and GTX 970. The below Video (3), Recorded Using FRAPS, Shows Raw Footage of me Playing with Nearly All Settings Set to Ultra. Despite the Visual Brilliance, the Game Runs at 60fps Most of the Time. It's Staggering. If you Think your PC Hardware is Up to the Task of Running the "Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" with these Improvements, you Can View the Steps for Downloading and Installing Everything you Need on the Official SweetFX Website (2).

Info Sources:

domingo, 24 de maio de 2015

VIDEO: Google Brings Open Source Gaming to "Cardboard"

Virtual Reality is Definitely a Popular Thing Nowadays. Unfortunately, the Hardware Can be Rather Expensive. Not to Worry though, it Doesn't Have to be Pricey. Last Year, Google Released its "Cardboard" Project, Bringing VR to Anyone with a Compatible Android Phone and Some "Cardboard" (plus Rubber Bands and Lenses, etc.). Today, the Company Announces, it is Bringing its Open Source Android Game, "Pie Noon", to "Cardboard". Are you Ready to Play a Game with your Smartphone Strapped to your Face ? "Fun Propulsion Labs at Google is back with an exciting new release for game developers. We've updated Pie Noon (our open source Android game) to add support for Google Cardboard, letting you jump into the action directly using your Android phone as a virtual reality headset! Select your targets by looking at them and throw pies with a flick of the switch", Says Anthony Maurice, Fun Propulsion Labs at Google.

Maurice further Says, "we used the Cardboard SDK for Android, which helps simplify common virtual reality tasks like head tracking, rendering for Cardboard and handling specialized input events. And you might remember us from before, bringing exciting game technologies like FlatBuffers, Pindrop and Motive, all of which you can see in use in Pie Noon". Believe it or Not, I've Logged Some Time Playing this Game on my TV Using the Nexus Player and it is actually Pretty Fun. Yes, the Gameplay is a Bit Simplistic but, the Art Style and Design is Refreshing. With that Said, Playing it with "Cardboard" will Make it a Much Different Experience. If you Want to Try this Game on "Cardboard", you Can Download it, here (1). Interested in Messing Around with the Code ? You Can Access it, on GitHub, here (2).

Info Sources:

"Dark Future: Blood Red States" Announced + Teaser Trailer

Games Workshop Announces, "Dark Future: Blood Red States", an upcoming VideoGame Based on their Post-Apocalyptic Series, Saying this is a Reboot of the Series. The Dark Future Website is Online and already Offers a Teaser Trailer, though Specifics like Target Platforms and Release Dates, Aren't Being Revealed just Now.

Here's Word on the Game:

"Auroch’s Dark Future: Blood Red States is supported by the Wellcome Trust, and will be a turn-based strategy game, played out in simultaneous real-time action. The gameplay is a furious mix of hammering chain-guns, tactical high-speed manoeuvres and the ripping of metal as vehicles smash into one another. All the action is conducted against a dark background of the decline of humanity; too wild to be true and too close for comfort. Dark Future was originally released as a board game in 1988, and later expanded into a series of books.

The world it inhabits is a very different reality; cyberpunk more weird than wired. It's an alternative, bleak, hollowed out America, in 2023. The major cities are either corporate controlled high-tech gated communities (Patrolled Zones, or PZs) for those who can pay, or lawless shanty towns for those who can't (NoGos). Between these is 'The Big Empty', the polluted, wasted Red States of America where vicious gangs hunt and fight.

The atrophied state has all but given up trying to impose law and order here and instead relies on a new breed of bounty hunter come highway warrior to keep the roads open, the Sanctioned Operative. Into this fractured new world the player must make their fortune. The player runs a Sanctioned Ops agency; taking on missions for bounty outside the PZs. As well as the tactical action on the road, the player must also manage both the vehicles and drivers – from upgrades to the front-mounted HMGs to booking a driver into the clinic for a new set of bionic eyes."

Both Official Website and Teaser Trailer for the Game, below:

sábado, 23 de maio de 2015

Oculus Founder, Palmer Luckey and His Company, Sued for Using Confidential Information

Palmer Luckey and his Company, Oculus VR Inc, are Being Sued Yet Again. Total Recall Technologies, a Company in Hawaii, is Accusing Luckey of Violating a Confidentiality Agreement that, he Signed as a Former Employee of the Company. According to the Lawsuit, he was Hired about 4 Years Ago for the Precise Purpose of Developing a Head-Mounted Display. As such, he was Privy to Information and Feedback that, he Later Used for a Kickstarter Campaign, to Introduce his Own Version of a Head-Mounted Display, Oculus Rift.

The Complaint, Filed with the U.S. District Court in California, States that, the Company has Brought Action against Luckey for "breach of contract and wrongful exploitation and conversion of [Total Recall Technologies] intellectual and personal property in connection with TRT's development of affordable, immersive, virtual reality technology". This Isn't the 1st Time Oculus is Embroiled in a Legal Battle. The Facebook-Acquired VR Company, Slammed ZeniMax Last Summer, for Making a Blatant Attempt to Profit from the $2 Billion Sale. The New Lawsuit doesn't Indicate an Amount but, the Company is Seeking Compensatory and Punitive Damages from the Virtual Reality Headset Maker.

Info Source:

NASCAR '15 and Demo Released

"NASCAR '15" is Now Available on Steam, Offering the Latest Installment in the Official Game of the Auto Racing Series.

The Official Word is:

"Featuring the 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season, NASCAR '15 is the officially licensed racing simulation game. Includes Quick Race, Career and Multiplayer modes." There's also a Playable Demo on Steam, Offering a Test Drive. There's No Description of the Demo but, the Top Current Review Helps Understand, What it includes: "Gives you Charlotte (both day and night). Drives the same as last year's game in terms of car handling. The true test is how the multiplayer lobbies work this year and unfortunately, you cannot know that by playing the demo".

“Total War: Arena" Alpha Signups + Alpha Gameplay Trailer

Creative Assembly Invites Everyone to Sign Up for Alpha Testing of "Total War: Arena", the upcoming Team-Based Installment in their Strategy Series. They Offer an Alpha Gameplay Trailer to Generate Interest and will Follow this with a Livestream Tomorrow on their Twitch Channel at 17:00 CEST (11:00 a.m. EDT).

Here's Word on the Game:

"Total War: ARENA is a free-to-play, team-based strategy game, putting players in the middle of epic-scale battles. Using key elements of award-winning Total War design, it is made from the ground-up for multiplayer realtime strategy fans, with players going head-to-head in 10v10 battles."

Check Out the Alpha Gameplay Trailer, here:

Info Sources:

sexta-feira, 22 de maio de 2015

"F1 2015" Delayed + New Teaser Trailer + New Screens

CodeMasters Announces a Delay to "F1 2015", Saying the Racing Sequel will Now Take the Green Flag on July 21 in North and Latin America and on July 24 in Brazil. The Game was Previously Expected Next Month but, they Don't Address or Explain the Delay, instead Offering Console Gamers Something Shiny:

"North American gamers who pre-order F1 2015 at GameStop/EB Games will receive a collectable F1 2015 metal case. Latin American gamers can also secure the metal case by preordering the game at participating retailers in their respective countries (check local stores for details)."

They also Offer a New Teaser Trailer and News Screens, above:

VIDEO: Help These 30-Year-Old "Intellivision" Games, Live Again on PC

One of the Biggest Problems Facing VideoGames as an Artistic Medium is One of Preservation. Thanks to HD Remasters, Digital Distribution and the Internet Archive that's Becoming Less of an Issue. But, we still Need to do More to Keep a Record and Constant Catalog of Gaming's Past Moments. That's the Idea behind the Awkwardly Named, "Intellivision Gen2 Video Games for PC & Mac" on Kickstarter. As you Might Imagine, it's Modernized Versions of Intellivision Titles.

Astrosmash, Nightstalker and Shark ! Shark ! will Get the New Pixel Art, Expanded Levels and Scope, Should the Project Reach its $100,000 Goal. If you Want in, $15 will Get you All 3 Games and Bumping Up to $25 Gets you the Games and a Year-Long Digital Subscription to Retro Video Game Magazine. Should Everything Go According to Plan, the Team (Comprised of Former Intellivision Folks) Hopes to Give Utopia, Sea Battle and B-17 Bomber the Same Treatment as the 1st Trio. Surely at least a Few Readers Have a Soft Spot for Mattel's Game Console of Yore, Yeah ?

Info Sources:

VIDEOS: Brain Implants Control Robot Arm, Well Enough to Grab a Beer

A Paralyzed Man Named, Erik Sorto, has Finally been Able to Drink Beer on his Own, after 13 Years and it's All Thanks to a Robotic Arm Controlled Solely by his Mind. If you've been Following our Robotics Coverage, you'll Know it Isn't the 1st Mind-Controlled Robo Limb -- a DARPA-Funded Project, Once Allowed a Woman to Feed herself Chocolate, while the One Developed by the Braingate2 Consortium, Helped Another Woman Drink Coffee on her Own. This Particular Technology, however, Works Quite Differently from the Others. Its Creators, a Team of Researchers from Various Institutes Led by Caltech, Implanted the Neural Chips Needed to Control the Arm into a Part of the Brain Called, "Posterior Parietal Cortex" or PPC. Other Mind-Controlled Robot Limbs, usually Target the Brain Region that Controls Muscles but, the PPC is in Charge of our "Intent to Move" instead.

This apparently Allows Caltech's Creation, to Move More Fluidly and Naturally, Unlike the Movements of Similar Technologies, which are (according to the Team) "Delayed and Jerky". In Order to Control the Arm, Sorto has to Think of What he Intends to do, instead of Imagining the Details of a Particular Action. He has to Think that he "wants to shake another person's hand", for instance, Whereas Other Systems might Require him to Imagine Each Step: Lift Forearm, Extend, Grasp Other Person's Hand, Lift Up, Down, Up, Down. Of Course, it's a Bit More Complicated than that and Sorto Sometimes has to Imagine Bigger Actions to Perform Simple Tasks: To be Able to Bring the Beer to his Mouth, he has to Visualize himself Whirling his Arms like a Windmill. He also has to Practice Repeatedly (6,700 Times just to be Able to Play Rock, Paper and Scissors) to Get Movements Down Pat. The Technology Undeniably has Huge Potential to Help Patients Gain Back Some of their Independence, though -- we Hope the Team Manages to Refine it further for the Sake of those Who Need it.

Info Sources:

"Lizard Squad" Member Pleads Guilty to Harassing Women Gamers

The So-Called, "Lizard Squad", Have Established that, they're Pretty Terrible People but, One of the Members has Hit a Sad New Low. A 17-Year Old Canadian has Pleaded Guilty, to 23 Separate Offenses against Mostly Young, Female Gamers, including Extortion and Criminal Harassment, according to the Tri-City News. The Teenager (Who Can't be Named because of his Age) Outed Victims' Financial Information Online, Placed False Orders for Services and Repeatedly Swatted Victims, among Other Crimes. He Reportedly Targeted Most of his Victims on Twitter and while Playing League of Legends. In One High-Profile Incident, he Called in a False Police Report on an Arizona Student "claiming he had shot (her) parents with an AR15 rifle", according to the Article.

As a Result of that Incident, Police Removed Several Members of the Family at Gunpoint and the Victim eventually Withdrew from University Out of Fear for her Safety. The Perpetrator Harassed Others Elsewhere with a Similar Modus Operandi, Mostly Targeting Female Gamers Who Spurned his Friend Requests. The User -- Who Went by the Handle 'obnoxious' on LoL -- was Caught When he Posted an 8-Hour Swatting Livestream on YouTube. He was Arrested Some 8 Days Later, Thanks to Tips to Local Authorities in British Columbia and Admitted to Numerous Offenses, including Harassment, Extortion and Uttering Threats. He's been Ordered by a Judge to Undergo a Psychiatric Examination and Sentencing will Continue Next Month.

Info Sources:

VIDEO: XBox for Windows App, Gets a Flurry of Features Ahead of E3

If you're an Early Windows 10 Adopter, you'll Soon Find a Smattering of New Features Inside the XBox App. As Part of its June Update, Microsoft is Adding "Game Hubs" which, Similar to the XBox One, Show which Friends Have Played the Title and their Recent Activity. Meanwhile, the New 'Game Bar', which Lets you Record Videoclips and Screenshots, Can Now be Triggered with Custom Shortcuts and the Avatar App will Load Automatically When you Select "Customize" from the Top Header.

A Few Other Tweaks include Better Friend Management, the Ability to Sort Cloud-Based Game Clips and Turn On / Off your XBox One from Inside the App. They're Small Changes, which is Understandable Given that, E3 is just Around the Corner. Game Streaming is still One of the Most Anticipated Parts of the XBox App and it Might Not be Too Far Away -- Microsoft Says, Testers Can Now Submit Anonymous Diagnostic Information about their PC and Network Settings, to Help them Refine the Feature.

Info Sources:

"Heroes of the Storm" Open Beta + "Enter the Nexus" Trailer

As Promised, Blizzard has Now Opened the Beta Testing of "Heroes of the Storm", their Team Brawler / MOBA starring a Roster of Blizzard Heroes. They Offer New Super Sonya and Mad Martian Gazlowe Skins and also Kick Off a "Heroes of the Storm" Ultimate Fan Art Contest with DeviantArt, to Celebrate the News.

Here's a New "Enter the Nexus" Trailer and Part of the Description of the Game:

"LET THE BATTLE BEGIN ! Heroes of the Storm™ is a raucous online team brawler starring your favorite Blizzard characters. Build and customize heroes from across every Blizzard universe to suit your play style. Team up with your friends and engage in fast-paced mayhem across varied battlegrounds that impact strategy and change the way you play the game. BLIZZARD HEROES IN A NEW LIGHT Heroes represents more than 20 years of Blizzard gaming history, settings and iconic characters, all mashed up into an epic, off-the-wall team brawler. Fight out classic showdowns such as Tyrael vs. Diablo and Arthas vs. Uther, or settle those late-night debates you’ve had about who’s the stronger leader — Raynor or Thrall ? Could Zeratul take down Illidan in a fight ? Who’s more badass . . . Kerrigan or the Demon Hunter from Diablo III ? The combinations of Blizzard heroes and universes are endless."

Check the Trailer, over here:

Info Sources:

Google Heads List of 16 Companies, Trying to Kill Passwords

People Don't Put Enough Thought into Passwords because, it's a Pain but, that Creates Security Problems for the Whole Internet. Google, Microsoft and Others in the FIDO Alliance, Want to Replace Passwords with Fingerprint Scanning and Other Techniques and just Unveiled 31 Products from 16 Companies that Conform to the New Standard. The Most Recognizable of those, is Google's Login Service, which Implemented USB Key Locks that Eliminate Mobile Phones in 2-Step Identification Late 2014. Others on the List include, Samsung's PayPal Authorizing Fingerprint System and Nok Nok, which Allows Apple's Touch ID Fingerprint Scanner to Work with 3rd-Party Apps.

FIDO also Announced a Certification Program for its Version 1.0 Specification. Conforming Apps will Authenticate Using Biometric Data like Voice Prints and Fingerprints, while Never Storing them to Ensure Privacy. In Addition, Certified Apps will Theoretically Work with any Biometric System, Depending on What a Vendor Wants to Implement. The Standard Makes it Easier for Companies to Incorporate FIDO into Apps, while the Official Logo Assures Consumers that, a Product is Conforming. Despite that, Lots of Companies still Haven't Boarded the Alliance and Some are still Waiting -- like Microsoft, which Won't Certify Windows 10 for FIDO until the Next Spec is Released.

Info Source:

Take-Two Suing BBC over "GTA" Movie

Take-Two Interactive is Suing the BBC, to Halt Production of the Movie they're Planning to Chronicle Conflicts over the "Grand Theft Auto" Series. Though, this was Likely to be More Unkind to Jack Thompson than "GTA" Developer, RockStar Games, apparently they Aren't Interested in Seeing Whatever Dirty Laundry this Might Have Aired.

The BBC has Declined Comment but, here's Take-Two's Statement:

"Take-Two Interactive has filed suit against the BBC for trademark infringement based on their movie currently titled ‘Game Changer’ as it relates to Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto video game series. While holders of the trademarks referenced in the film title and its promotion, RockStar Games has had no involvement with this project. Our goal is to ensure that our trademarks are not misused in the BBC's pursuit of an unofficial depiction of purported events related to Rockstar Games. We have attempted multiple times to resolve this matter with the BBC without any meaningful resolution. It is our obligation to protect our intellectual property and unfortunately in this case litigation was necessary."

Millions of Routers Vulnerable to Attacks Due to 'NetUSB' Bug

A Serious Vulnerability Affecting the 'NetUSB' Kernel Driver Developed by Taiwan-Based Technology Company, KCodes, Exposes millions of routers to hack attacks, researchers have warned. According to its website, KCodes, is One of the Leading Developers and Suppliers of USB over IP Solutions. The Company Says, over 20% of the World’s Networking Devices include, KCodes Technology. The 'NetUSB' (USB over IP) Kernel Driver Developed by the Company, is Designed to Allow Users to Connect over their Network to USB Devices Plugged into a Router, Access Point, or Other Linux-Based Embedded System. Users Can Access Speakers, Printers, Hard Drives, Webcams and Other USB Devices, by Connecting to a 'NetUSB' Server via the Windows or OS X Client. Researchers at SEC Consult Discovered that, the 'NetUSB' Driver is Plagued by a Kernel Stack Buffer Overflow Vulnerability (CVE-2015-3036) that, Can be Exploited by an Unauthenticated Attacker, to Execute Arbitrary Code or Cause a Denial-of-Service (DDoS) Condition. The Flaw, Caused by Insufficient Input Validation, Can be Triggered by Specifying a Computer Name that, is Longer than 64 Characters When the Client Connects to the Server. KCodes’ 'NetUSB' Driver is Integrated into Products from Several Vendors, including Netgear, TP-Link, ZyXEL and TRENDnet.

The Feature is Advertised with Various Names, such as “Print Sharing”, “USB Share Port” and “ReadySHARE”. SEC Consult has Confirmed that, the Vulnerability Affects the Latest Firmware Versions for TP-Link TL-WDR4300 V1, TP-Link WR1043ND v2 and Netgear WNDR4500. Researchers also Identified the 'NetUSB' Feature in 10s of Router Models from D-Link, Netgear, TP-Link, TRENDnet and ZyXEL. Furthermore, a Component of the Driver, Makes References to a Total of 26 Vendors that Have likely Licensed the 'NetUSB' Technology. The List includes Allnet, Ambir Technology, AMIT, Asante, Atlantis, Corega, Digitus, EDIMAX, Encore Electronics, Engenius, Etop, Hardlink, Hawking, IOGEAR, LevelOne, Longshine, PCI, PROLiNK, Sitecom, Taifa and Western Digital. The Vulnerability Can be Exploited by an Attacker on the Local Network but, in Some Cases, Exploitation over the Internet might also be Possible through TCP Port 20005, the Port Used by the Server for Client Connections. “While NetUSB was not accessible from the internet on the devices we own, there is some indication that a few devices expose TCP port 20005 to the internet. We don’t know if this is due to user misconfiguration or the default setting within a specific device. Exposing NetUSB to the internet enables attackers to get access to USB devices of potential victims and this would actually count as another vulnerability”, SEC Consult Wrote in a Blog Post.

SEC Consult Informed KCodes, of the Existence of the Vulnerability in February but so Far, the Vendor has Failed to Properly Communicate the Status of a Patch. The Security Firm Told SecurityWeek that, it Hasn’t Heard from KCodes since March 25 but, it has Learned that, Netgear and TP-Link Received Patches for their Firmware from the Developer. Vendors Can’t Address the Bug without the Patch from KCodes, SEC Consult Noted. “To this day, only TP-LINK released fixes for the vulnerability and provided a release schedule for about 40 products. Sometimes NetUSB can be disabled via the web interface but, at least, on NETGEAR devices, this does not mitigate the vulnerability. NETGEAR told us, that there is no workaround available, the TCP port can't be firewalled nor is there a way to disable the service on their devices”, SEC Consult Said. KCodes Hasn't Responded to SecurityWeek's Request for Comment by the Time of Publication. CERT/CC, which Released an Advisory for the Vulnerability on Tuesday, has Reached Out to Other Potentially Impacted Vendors to Determine if their Products are Affected. Other CERTs are also Involved in Vendor Coordination.

Info Sources:

"Project Morpheus" Release Date, a 2016 Summer of VR, Awaits PlayStation 4 Gamers

"Project Morpheus" will be Released before June 2016, Claims Japanese Newspaper, Asahi. Sony Computer Entertainment’s Virtual Reality Headset, will be Compatible with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita and includes an OLED 1920 x 1080 Display. Currently, 15 Games Have been Announced for "Morpheus", including Existing Titles such as War Thunder and Project CARS, as well as, New I.P. including ARL: Survival Evolved and Adrift. Recently, Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios (SCE WWS) Said that, One of the Biggest Challenges that "Morpheus" Faces, is Getting Users to Experience Virtual Reality in the First Place. A Price for the Headset has Yet to be Confirmed, though Yoshida Recently Stated that, it Wants to Try and Keep the Cost to End Users as Low as Possible. “This is a console product so we like to provide our hardware at as low price as we can do. That approach is always consistent”, he Said. It's Unclear Whether "Project Morpheus" will Receive a Worldwide Launch, or 1st Launch in Japan with Other Territories to Follow.

Info Source:

"Carmageddon: Reincarnation" Released + Launch Trailer

Stainless Games Announces Availability of "Carmageddon: Reincarnation", as a Full Release on Steam, Following a Run on Early Access. Admitting they Won't be Able to Stir Up the Kind of Controversy Generated by the Original Carmageddon, they're still Trying to Live Up to its Legacy, as you Can See in this Launch Trailer below and this Quote from the Announcement:

"So, what have we done to update the game that was not only one of the most controversial titles of its day, but also the most innovative and technically advanced of its generation ? Well controversy is pretty hard to whip up these days but, we are still proudly offering you the chance to turn PEDESTRIANS into POINTS (which continues to get certain sections of society hot under the collar) using your car or a whole host of hilarious ped pulping POWERUPS !

And we continue to be boldly innovative and technically bloody clever – our CAR CRUSHING CODE continues to be the envy of anything else out there. Plus it’s all more HILARIOUS than ever! All this means that what you get is a Carmageddon fit for the 21st Century, tuned for today’s fun-seeking bloodthirsty adrenaline junkie game fans…

Play an adrenaline pumping bunch of game modes against the new improved AI opponents, or online against the rest of the Carmafan masses ! Progress your Career through the Carma ranks or have a MultiPlayer romp in a Car Crusher, Fox 'n' Hounds (always been Stainless MP game session favourite !), Death Race or Checkpoint Stampede event, frenetic fun filled with Carmageddon’s trademark over-the-top violence, crazy PowerUps and non-stop laughs…"

Launch Trailer for "Carmageddon: Reincarnation", here:

Info Sources:

"King's Quest" - "Behind-the-Scenes" Trailer

A New Behind-the-Scenes Trailer Shows Off More of "King's Quest", Highlighting the Hand-Painted Art Style of the upcoming RPG Remake.

The Description of the Videoclip Offers the Details:

"King’s Quest: "A Hand Painted Game” is the third installment of a four-part series taking you behind the scenes of King’s Quest with Art Director Evan Cagle and Producer Lindsey Rostal of The Odd Gentlemen to see how the artwork is born on page before coming to life on screen. Creating a fantastic but, compelling world true to the spirit of King’s Quest required going back to the lessons of old. Beginning with 1990’s King’s Quest V, Sierra devised a way for its artists to draw out their ideas in vivid color and detail before scanning them into the game for further polishing. Now, 25 years later, the team is employing a similar technique to give this incredible reimagining of a classic tale the truly stunning storybook look it deserves. For more information, please visit"

Check Out the "Behind-the-Scenes" Trailer for "King's Quest", over here:

VIDEO: The New "Need for Speed" is Rebooting this Autumn

EA Announces the Return of the "Need for Speed" Series, Saying they will Deliver a New Installment to Windows, XBox One and PlayStation 4 this Fall, to Completely Reboot the Automotive Action Franchise.

Here's a Teaser Trailer, which they Say, will be Followed by a Fuller Trailer on June 15th. Here's the Announcement:

"Ghost Games™, an Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) studio, announced today the return of Need for Speed™ in a full reboot of this storied franchise. The game delivers on what the fans want, and what Need for Speed stands for - deep customization, authentic urban car culture, a nocturnal open world, and an immersive narrative that pulls you through the game. “Need for Speed is one of the most iconic names in gaming and we're returning it to greatness in this reboot”, said Marcus Nilsson, Executive Producer at Ghost Games. “Pulling on our 20 years of history and then taking a year out from releasing a game, we are making the game we’ve always wanted to.

We're listening to the fans and delivering an experience that will capture their imagination and unleash their passion for cars and speed.” Fuelled by EA's own car culture community, Speedhunters (, Need for Speed will deliver an experience that's grounded in authentic car culture by diving into the rich world of past, present and emergent trends of the urban car scene. This collaboration with Speedhunters in the research and development of the game means the level of detail and real-world authenticity will envelop gamers in an exciting world to discover and enjoy in a way that only Need for Speed can deliver."

Check the Teaser Trailer for the New "Need for Speed", here:

"Overwatch" - "McCree" Gameplay Trailer

A New Trailer from "Overwatch", Shows Off Gameplay for 'McCree' in Blizzard's upcoming Shooter.

Here's Word:

"See the outlaw McCree dispense justice on his own terms in this complete, unedited match from an early version of Overwatch, captured in 60fps on PC. Here, McCree is on the attack in Watchpoint: Gibraltar, a Payload map set in an abandoned Overwatch outpost perched above the Mediterranean Sea".

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VIDEO: Oculus VR, Figures Out How Avatars Can Mimic Your Facial Expressions

Imagine a VR Game, Where your Avatar Can Laugh, Smile or Frown as you do while Interacting with Other Players -- Sounds Fun, right ? Well Apparently, that Kind of Face-Tracking Technology, already Exists. Facebook's Oculus Division, has Teamed Up with University of Southern California Researchers to Develop a Way to Track your Facial Expressions while Wearing a Chunky VR Headset. What they did was, Insert Strain Gauges within the Rift's Foam Padding to Monitor the Movements of the Upper Part of your Face. To Monitor the Lower Part Not Covered by the Headset, they Attached a 3D Camera to a Short Boom Clipped to the Center of the Rift. As you Can See in the Video below the Fold, a Virtual Avatar Successfully Mimicked the Expressions of their Testers with that Setup.

Project Lead, Hao Li, Believes the Technology could Make it More Compelling to Interact with Others in Virtual Words; Talking Face to Face, Even as Avatars, Feels a Lot More Personal than Text Chats, afterall. Unfortunately, Li Told MIT's Technology Review that, the Oculus Team Worked with him Purely for Research Purposes. But, he also Said that, in the Future, it would be Easy to Turn this Proof of Concept into an Actual Product with Loads of Potential Applications. For Instance, Mark Zuckerberg Once Revealed that, he's Looking for New Ways to Socialize Online -- he Didn't Mention Anything Specific but, this Sounds like Exactly What he's Looking for.

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Nintendo Kills Off the "Basic" Wii U in Japan

Nintendo is about to Halt Production of its 8GB Wii U "Basic" in Japan, according to a Notice on its Product Website. The White-Clad Product has been around since 2012 but, was Never Super Popular since the 32GB Version is Typically only $50 More. In Fact, the Rumor Mill had it Being Killed Off 2 Years Ago, after it Went Out of Stock at GameStop and Best Buy, though Nintendo Later Called that a "Misperception". Somehow the Model has Hung on Until Now but, has Gradually Become Harder to Find. There's No Word on Whether Nintendo Plans to Kill the "Basic" Version in the US and Europe but, a Japanese Death often Presages a Similar Fate Elsewhere. However, the Company Plans to Launch a White Version of the 32GB Premium Model so, at least you Won't Get Too Nostalgic for the Color.

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YouTube Now Supports 60fps Live Streaming

YouTube Blew More than a Few Minds Last October, When it Rolled Out 60 Frame-per-Second Video Playback on the Website. Gamers especially Flocked to the Frame Rate, as it Allowed for Jutter-Free Playback of Fast-Paced Titles like, Call of Duty or Titanfall. Today, YouTube Announced a New Feature that is Sure to Make Gamers Even Happier: 60fps Live Streaming, which will Allow People to Broadcast their Online Exploits in Real-Time. The New Frame Rate is still an Early Preview, Mind you and will Only be Available on HTML5-Compatible Browsers.

However, YouTube will Encode these Streams in Both 720p60 and 1080p60 Formats, as well as, Automatically Knock it Down to 30FPS for Devices that, Can't Handle Full Speed. What's More, YouTube is also Rolling Out HTML5 Playback, which will Enable Viewers to Not Only Rewind in the Middle of a Live Stream, but also, Play it Back at Up to Double Speed, in Order to Catch Back Up to the Broadcast. And for Producers, the Video-Sharing Website has Collaborated with Elgato and XSplit to Ensure that, Products like Elgato Game Capture, XSplit Broadcaster and XSplit Gamecaster will Continue to Work with the Site.

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Sony Brings Latest "Project Morpheus" Prototype to SVVR 2015

The 1st Morning of this Year’s "Silicon Valley Virtual Reality" (SVVR) Conference and Expo, is Already Done and Dusted with the Likes of Samsung, Oculus VR and Google Putting in Appearances On-Stage. Those that Aren’t Heading to the Talks, Can also Hit the Show Floor, to See a Wide Range of Demos for upcoming VR Titles and Other Products. Among them is Sony Computer Entertainment’s (SCE) Anticipated Head-Mounted Display (HMD), "Project Morpheus". In Fact, SCE is Showing the Latest Prototype for "Project Morpheus", which was Revealed at the 2015 Game Developers Conference (GDC) in March. This Marks the 2nd Appearance for the New "Project Morpheus", which Boasts a 1080p OLED Display with a 120Hz Refresh Rate. The Kit’s Booth Contains 2 Demos. One is 'The Toybox', which Features, the Small Robots that were 1st Seen in the PlayStation 4’s Premiere Augmented Reality (AR) VideoGame, "The PlayRoom".

Also on Display is 'London Heist', the First-Person Experience from SCE London Studio, the Developer that Previously Worked on Both 'The Deep' and 'Street Luge' for "Project Morpheus". Both Titles are Played with the PlayStation Move Motion Controller. It’s Somewhat Surprising to See SCE March Out the New Version of "Project Morpheus" for SVVR Conference and Expo, Given that, the Kit was Only Shown behind Closed Doors at GDC 2015 and it’s Now just Weeks Away until E3 2014 on 16th – 18th June. SCE is Expected to Reveal Plenty of New Information on "Project Morpheus" at the Show, Talking about Some of the 1st Full VideoGames to be Confirmed for the Device. "Project Morpheus" will be Launching for Consumers in the 1st Half of 2016, Pitting it just Behind the HTC Vive and Around the Same Time as the Oculus Rift.

Google Reportedly Building an OS for the "Internet of Things"

The Information Reports that, Google is Working on a New Android-Based Operating System, to Run Specifically on the Emerging Class of Low-Power Devices, a.k.a. the "Internet of Things". This New OS Dubbed, "Brillo", is supposedly Quite Petite and May Require as Little as 32 or 64 Megabytes of RAM to Run. This Marks a Significant Departure for Google, Considering its Latest Android Build Demanded at least 512MB of RAM. However, there's a Lot to be Gained by being the OS that Drives Out Smart Bulbs, Thermostats and Locks. Not only Does it Free OEMs from Having to Design their own IoT Communications Schemes, it Should also Strongly Position the Mountain View-Based Company as the Invisible Backbone of Tomorrow's Smart Home. If this Rumor is Indeed True, Google will Likely Announce it, at Next Week's I/O Developers Conference. Stay Tuned.

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"Windows 10" Beta on XBox One Coming "Post-Summer"

Want a Taste of "Windows 10" on your XBox One ? It's Coming Sooner than you Might've Thought. XBox Boss, Phil Spencer, Tweeted that, a Beta of the Program that Ties your Console in with your Desktop Computer is Coming "Post-Summer". Exactly What Features it'll Entail or a Concrete Timeframe (Game Streaming from XBox to Desktop, the XBox Game DVR and XBox LIVE) are Anyone's Guess at this Point. That'll Almost Positively Change Come Next Month's Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, though.

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Viber's Calling and Messaging App, Launches on Chromebooks

In Order for Chrome OS to Succeed, Google Needs All the Support it Can Get from Developers. Hardware Companies are Certainly Doing their Part, Namely by Offering Chromebooks to People at Affordable Prices. That's Why it's Important When a Popular Service such as Viber Launches on the Platform, like Today. Now, Users Can Start Using the App to Communicate with Friends or Family Directly from their Chromebook, just as they would on iOS, Android or Windows Phone. Not Only Can you Send Text and Picture Messages but also, Make Phone and Video Calls to your Contacts. It's Free too, which Comes in Handy if you're Trying to Talk to People across Different Countries.

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VIDEO: With Podcasts and Video, "Spotify" Becomes an All-in-One Streaming Service

At an Event in New York City Yesterday Morning, "Spotify" Revealed More Tools to Enhance that Daily Listening Experience. To Keep All of the Things you Enjoy Hearing in One Place, the Streaming Service Added Podcasts to its Feature Set. If you'll Recall, the Addition was Hinted at, Back in November, Thanks to a Bit of Code in a Test Version of Spotify's App. That's Not All, though, the Company is Tacking on Video, as well. This Means that, Content Providers Can Leverage Audio and Visuals to Beam Episodes and Short Clips to Listeners on the Service. If you're Commuting and Can't Watch, you Can Opt for an Audio-Only Version of the Selected Show -- Safety First. Of Course, the Addition of Video Isn't a Complete Surprise either, as Rumors of "Spotify's" Plans Circulated Earlier this Month. In Terms of Content Selection, ESPN, ABC, NBC, Comedy Central and Many More -- including a Load of Popular Podcast Networks -- will be Available Inside the App.

Broad City's Abbi and Ilana were on Hand to Promote the New Content Stream so, if you're a Fan of the Series, you'll be Able to See More of the Duo. As you Might Expect, there's Exclusive Content too, like a Dance Move of the Day from Amy Poehler. "Spotify" is certainly Taking Aim at Tidal, as that Service that Offers Music Videos, Performances and More to its Subscribers. While Musicians Weren't Mentioned Too Much during Yesterday's Video Chatter, there's Sure to "Spotify" Sessions Available for Viewing. Deezer Added Podcasts just Days Ago but, from the Looks of it, "Spotify" is Looking to Offer a Wealth of Content that's Not just Limited to Piping in Audio Episodes. The New Version will Go Live in the US, UK, Germany and Sweden Now, with a Global Launch on the Way Soon.

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This Smartwatch Doubles as a Wearable Wireless Storage

ReVault Looks just Like any Ordinary Smartwatch but, its Main Feature's Quite Different from Others in the Category: it has Wireless Local Storage you Can Access like a Private Cloud. According to its Indiegogo Page, the Storage is Accessible from your Phones, Tablets or Laptops, Using an App (like Dropbox and Other Cloud Services) that Works on Android, iOS, Mac OS X, Windows and Even Linux. You Can Even Program a Trusted Device to Auto-Sync Everytime you Save New Images or Download Files -- Anything you Store will be Encrypted and you Can also Set Up a Password and 2-Factor Authentication for Added Security.

The Watch Connects to those Devices via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and since it Can Make its Own Wi-Fi Network, you Can Upload Files Even without Internet Connection. Here's Another Nice Touch: In Case you're Not really Attracted to Smartwatches (and you're Not Alone there), you Can Use the Converter it Comes with, to Turn it into a Necklace or a Keychain. Plus, you Can Choose among Quite a Few Watchfaces if the Default One Doesn't do it for you. You Can Get a 32GB or a 128GB ReVault if you Pledge at least $169 on Indiegogo but, like Every Other Crowdfunding Project, it'll Ship Out (in January 2016) Only if it Reaches its Goal. Note that, if it does, you'll still Have to Buy a Separate Qi Wireless Charger if you Want to Use the Watch Beyond its Initial 3-Day Battery Life.

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Twitch Brings On-Demand Video Streaming to its Mobile Apps

Missed Out on a Live Game Tournament Stream, When you were at Home but, Want to Catch Up When you're on the Road ? As of Now, you Can. Twitch is Pushing Out Updated Android and iOS Apps that include Video On-Demand, Giving you Highlights and Past Broadcasts, When you're Stuck on the Bus. Both Releases are Available Today, although it's Important to Note that, you Can't Simply Update the Android Version -- a Security Fix Requires that you Install a Brand New App and the Old One will Stop Working as of Today.

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"Logjam" Browser Vulnerability Fix, Will Block Thousands of Websites

Researchers Have Discovered a New Browser and Website Encryption Vulnerability Called, "Logjam" and there's Good News and Bad News. On the Plus Side, the Vulnerability has Largely been Patched, Thanks to Consultation with Technology Companies like Google and Updates are Available Now or Coming Soon for Chrome, Firefox and Other Browsers. The Bad News is that, the Fix Rendered Many Websites Unreachable, including the Main Website at the University of Michigan, which is Home to Many of the Researchers that Found the Security Hole. Ironically, that Site (which has since been Patched) and Other Government and Educational Websites are Supposed to be Secure -- so, What Went Wrong ? The "Logjam" Vulnerability is a Kissing Cousin to FREAK, a Weakness that also Left Secure Sites like Open to Attack. Researchers Say, the New Bug's Weakness is in an Encryption Protocol Called, 'Diffie-Hellman', Letting Attackers Downgrade Certain Connections to a Mere 512-Bits of Security.

That's Low Enough to be Easily be Cracked by Sophisticated Attackers in just a Few Minutes, though it's Not Clear if Anyone actually Exploited the Weakness. However, the Researchers Speculated that, None Other than the NSA Used "Logjam", Saying "a close reading of published NSA leaks shows that the agency's attacks on VPNs are consistent with having achieved such a break". However, One of them Pointed Out that such a Hack was "just conjecture". So, What to do ? If you're an Admin or the Owner of a Web or Mail Server, you'll Want to Check the Researchers' Guide to Fixing it, which Involves Changing 'Diffie-Hellman' Cipher Settings. If you just Want to Surf Safely, Check that you Have the Latest Version of your Browser Installed -- Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari are All Releasing Patches.

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Latest Version of SSH Client, "PuTTY", Steals Users Credentials

"PuTTY" Developed by Simon Tatham is a Free and Open Source Terminal Emulator for Windows System, Used to Remote Access with Linux / Unix. It is Used by System Administrators, Database Managers and Web Developers. According to Symantec Researchers, an Unofficial Version of the Open Source SSH Client, "PuTTY", has been Found which May Compromise the Users Privacy.

"If the user is connected to other computers or servers through the malicious version of PuTTY, then they could have inadvertently sent sensitive login credentials to the attackers. Data that is sent through SSH connections may be sensitive and is often considered a gold mine for a malicious actor. Attackers can ultimately use this sensitive information to get the highest level of privileges on a computer or server, (known as “root” access) which can give them complete control over the targeted system."

A Trojanized Version of "PuTTY" is being Hosted on Websites, from the Official Domain and Cyber Attackers Used to Redirect Users to their Own Websites. This Trojanized "PuTTY" Version was 1st Spotted in the Wild Late 2013, in a Limited Number of Detection. To Protect Yourself Becoming a Victim, you Need to Check the Source of your Download. Make Sure you Download the Files from the Official Homepage from the Author or Publisher.

Microsoft is Releasing Another White XBox One, this Time Bundled with "Halo: The Master Chief Collection"

Microsoft Released a White XBox One Bundled with "Sunset Overdrive" in 2014 but, to the Chagrin of Some, it was a Limited Offer. Now, the White Version of the Normally Black Console, has been Released Again, this Time Bundled with "Halo: The Master Chief Collection". As with the "Sunset Overdrive" Bundle, the New Offer is Available for a Limited Time, according to a Post on Microsoft's Official XBox Wire Website. The Bundle is Priced at XBox One's Regular $350, Meaning the Game, which Comes as a Digital Download, is Essentially Free.

Microsoft Says the Offer "will be available in limited quantities for a limited time at participating U.S. retailers while supplies last". While "The Master Chief Collection" was Plagued with Problems upon its Release, Most Major Issues Have been Fixed with Patches. Despite the Help, however, Some Significant Matchmaking Issues still Persist in Multiplayer, which Even Led to the Cancelation of a Major Halo Multiplayer Championship, Last Month.

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Mobile Google Searches, Now Show Real-Time Tweets

Google and Twitter Announced a New Service Yesterday that, will Allow US Mobile Users to Receive Live Tweets -- Now that, the Social Network's Firehose is Connected Once Again -- in their Web Searches. For Example if you Search for Golden State Warriors, Danger 5 or Game of Thrones on your Cellphone, their Most Recent Tweets Pop Up at the Top of your Search Results. Users Can also Search specifically for, Say, "NASA Twitter" to Find Everything that the Space Agency has Recently Tweeted. According to the Official Twitter Blog, this Feature will be Landing on the Desktop Soon, as well as, Expanding to Other Countries.

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VIDEO: Hydrogen-Powered Drone by HUS, Wll Fly for Hours at a Time

Even the Nicer Drones you Can Buy, Typically Last for just Minutes in the Air, which Isn't Much Help, if you're Delivering Packages or Shooting Movies. Horizon Unmanned Systems (HUS) Thinks, it has a Solution, however: Hydrogen Power. Its Recently Unveiled "Hycopter Drone" Runs on a Lightweight Hydrogen Fuel Cell that, Should Deliver Up to 4 Hours of Flight Time Unloaded and 2.5 Hours When it's Carrying 2.2 Pounds of Cargo. That still May Not Sound like Much but, it Makes Long-Distance Flights Practical -- it's the Difference between Flying across the City and Staying within the Neighborhood. HUS Won't Even Fly the "Hycopter's" Prototype until Later in 2015 but, Patience could Well Pay Off if you're Tired of Piloting Robotic Aircraft in Half-Hour Bursts.

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Studio, GSC GameWorld Announce, "Cossacks 3"

Remember When S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Studio, GSC GameWorld, Grandly Announced its Renewed Existence to the World and How I Warned you it was Unlikely their Next Game would be a New Entry in the Open-World FPS Series ? I do Hope you Didn’t Get your Hopes Up regardless. GSC Game World Announced, "Cossacks 3" [Official Website, below], which is actually a Remake of Ye Olde Cossacks: European Wars from 2001. Their Return to their Historical Epic Real-Time Strategy Series is Due Later this Year and Teases Battles with Up to 10,000 Units. "Cossacks 3" will Tour Big Battles from the 17 and 18 Centuries, Having Players do that RTS Dealio of Gathering Resources, Building Structures, Researching Upgrades and Training Men to Murder the Heck Out of Enemy Forces.

Huge Enemy Forces. 10,000 is a Lot of Units. Along with 5 Historical Single-Player Campaigns, it’ll Have Multiplayer with Support for Random Maps and Up to 7 Players (or AIs). "Cossacks 3" is Due Later this Year, Sometime from October to December, on Windows, Mac and Linux. The Original Cossacks Games Came Out in a Period When I Mostly Refused to Play Anything Where I Wasn’t Personally Shooting Men’s Faces Off so, I Can’t Tell you Anything from Experience. Psst, hey, Knowledgeable Readers, Tell us All What they were Like, yeah ? As for S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Look, you Knew it Wouldn’t be that, didn’t you ? Pretty Much Anyone Who Ever had Anything to do with the Series is Long Gone and Many are Making their Own S.T.A.L.K.E.R.L.I.K.E.S.


"The Ukrainian studio GSC Game World announces the development of the third game of the Cossacks series ! “Over the years of its existence, GSC has been engaged in numerous fields, however making good games is what we do best. For this very purpose, we are resuming our activities”, said Evgeniy Grygorovych, head of the development studio. “Over the past year and a half, we have been secretly working on a new project and now is the time to tell players all over the world about it. Cossacks 3 is a modern remake of the best 2001 strategy, with armies numbering in thousands of warriors and reconciled game mechanics. It’s a genuine RTS classic, including construction and production of resources. A vast selection of unit types, cold steel and firearms, influence of the landscape and the realistic physics provide the player with an unlimited number of tactical opportunities. In addition, thanks to modern graphics, the game will be interesting not only for admirers of the series but, for all genre connoisseurs who have never played the legendary Cossacks for some reason !"

Game Features:

- Breathtaking historical real-time strategy.
- Actions unfold in Europe in the XVII–XVIII centuries.
- Five historical singleplayer campaigns.
- 12 playable nations.
- Grandiose battles of up to 10,000 units on the map.
- Realistic physics of bullets and cannonballs.
- Considerable influence of the landscape on battle tactics.
- Infinite variations of battles with computer enemies on random maps.
- Flexible generator of random maps with selection of a preferable landscape.
- Windows, Mac OS and Linux support.

The Release is Scheduled for the 4th Quarter of 2015.

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Researchers Discover a "Partial Workaround" for Blindness

When your Eyes' Photoreceptors (the So-Called Rods and Cones) Fail, Due to Either Illness or Injury so, too does your Vision. And until Very Recently, Few Options to Correct the Condition Existed -- Typically in the Form of a Bulky and Intrusive Wearable. But Now, a Long-Researched Gene Therapy, is Finally Ready for Human Trials and Could Pave the Way for at least Partial Restoration of a Patient's Sense of Sight. The Technique, which was Developed by a Team Led by Zhuo-Hua Pan of Wayne State University in Detroit, is Part of a Growing Scientific Field Known as Optogenetics. It Doesn't Target the Dead Photoreceptors Themselves -- in Fact, it Bypasses them Entirely -- instead Focusing on the Ganglion Cells behind them. Ganglion Cells Carry Electrical Signals from the Rods and Cones to the Optic Nerve, which then Shuttles the Information to the Brain.

Researchers Have Found they Can Control the Function of the Ganglion Cells, by Inserting Light-Sensitive Molecules (Derived from Algae and Other Microorganisms) and then Shining Specific Wavelengths of Light at them. Specifically, they've Inserted channelrhodopsin-2, or ChR2, into Ganglion Cell Membranes. In the Dark, this Protein Remains Closed but, When Exposed to Blue-Wavelength Light, it Opens a Channel through which Ions Can Flow and Triggers Cells around it, to do the Same.

While Optogenetics is Technically a Form of Gene Therapy, it Functions Very Differently than the CRISPR/Cas9 Technique that Recently Made Headlines. Instead of Knocking Out a Specific Gene (or Set of Genes) to Restart Photoreceptor Function, this Technique Simply Converts Transmitter Cells into Light-Sensitive Ones. This Cleanly Sidesteps the Medical and Ethical Pitfalls of Conventional Gene Therapy. It also Could Potentially be Applied to the Roughly 200,000 People in America Alone Suffering from Blindness Caused by any of the 250 Known Gene Mutations. Human Trials are Expected to Start as Early as 2016.

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"SKEYE" Nano Drone: The World's Smallest Drone which Fits on Your Fingertips, Priced $60

Drones and Internet of Things are 2 Sectors of Technology which are just Taking Off with Many New Advances Coming to us Every Day. Drones are Nowadays Used in Pretty Much Everything from Delivering Pizzas to Taking Selfies, these Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are Slowly Taking over the World by Storm. They Vary in Shape, Sizes and Features. But, Have you Seen One which Can Fit on your Fingertips ? "Skeye" has Come Up with a NANO Drone of just the Size which Can Easily Fit into your Pocket. With Dimensions Measuring Less than 2-Inches at 1.57″ x 1.57″ x 0.87″, the "Skeye" Nano Drone is the World’s Smallest Precision-Controlled Quadcopter which is Perfect for Airborne Stunts like Figure 8s, Banking Turns, Flips, etc, Both Indoors and Out.

"Skeye" is Listed on StackSocial and Weighs just 11.9 Grams and has Responsive Controls which Give it Good Stability and Maneuverability. It Comes with a 100mAh Battery that, Takes about 30 Minutes to Charge and Offers a Standard Flight Time of 7-8 Minutes. It Comes with a RTF (Ready to Fly) Technology; has 6-Axis Flight Control System w/ Adjustable Gyro Sensitivity; is Extremely Portable and Can be Operated in 3 Distinct Flight Modes- Beginner, Advanced Pilots and Seasoned Flight Veterans. It also has an Aerobatic ‘Flip’ Capability and LED Lights for Night Flights.

Sneak Peek at "Skeye" Nano Drone Specifications:

- RTF (ready to fly) technology
- 6-axis flight control system w/ adjustable gyro sensitivity
- Extreme portability
- 3 distinct flight modes: beginner, advanced pilots, and seasoned flight veterans
- Stable & easy to fly
- Aerobatic “flip” capability
- LED lights for night flights

The "Skeye" Nano Drone, is Listed at $60 but, is currently Selling at a Promo Price of $34.99 (Rs.2200.00). So, you Can Order "Skeye" Nano Drone from here (1) US Citizens). The Company Offers Free Shipping to Anywhere in the World. To Order for a International Location including India, Kindly Visit here (2).

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