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segunda-feira, 30 de junho de 2014

A Record Breaking 388,985 Tweets a Minute Were Sent during World Cup Match

A Recent World Cup Match that Saw Host Country Brazil Play against Chile, Generated a Record Breaking 388,985 Tweets a Minute (TPM) during the Final Moments of the Game. The Match Concluded with Brazil Going through to the Quarter-Finals after a Penalty Shoot-Out, Where Chile's Gonzalo Jara Missed the Final Goal. Twitter also Revealed How the Renowned Brazilian Striker, Neymar, was the Most Mentioned Player in the Swarm of Tweets. This is Understandable When he Scored the Team's Final Penalty, Pushing Brazil through to the Next Round.

It May be Worth Noting that, his Goal Caused a Spike of 239,219 Tweets per Minute and it Wasn't until Jara's Failed Attempt at Scoring, that the Statistic Shot Up to its 388,975 Glory. Overall, the Game Caused a Stir of over 16.3 Million Tweets during the Match, the Highest Ever for a Live Event on Twitter. In Addition, the Social Network has Said that, over 300 Million Tweets had been Sent since the Tournaments Group Stages Began. This has Resulted in the World Cup to be "one of the most talked about events on Twitter of all time".  Previously the Record had been Set at 382,000 Tweets per Minute during the Hugely Popular Super Bowl. As to What the Final of the World Cup will Bring, Only Time will Tell.

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"CATTLE DECAPITATION" - "Your Disposal" Music Videoclip

The New Video from "Cattle Decapitation's" Epic Release, "Monolith of Inhumaity".


"Director Mitch Massie has presented us all with a bizarre retelling of the story of Adam and Eve using themes from our latest album Monolith of Inhumanity. Here we see Eve giving birth to humanity, a living, breathing piece of primordial meat birthed into the dirt making its way through the Garden of Eden, hellbent on destruction… A clean and conscious monolith foretelling what could be possible given the fact that humans exhibit superior traits of intelligence, instead the earth is flooded with technological fallout and debris by the hands of man. This video is very much a prequel to our other videos "Forced Gender Reassignment" and of course, "Kindgom of Tyrants"."

UK Cinemas Ban "Google Glass"

Last Week, Google Announced the Availability of "Glass" in the United Kingdom, Marking the 1st Launch of the Wearable Device Outside of the US. Those Purchasing the Device in the UK for £1000 GBP will Get the Newest Model of "Glass", Featuring Double the RAM of the Previous Version. While Some Businesses - including British Ones, like Virgin Atlantic Airways - Have Embraced "Glass", Not All Organizations are Quite so Pleased to See the Device in Action. For Example, Some Café and Restaurant Owners Have Banned it from their Premises and Earlier this Year, a Movie Theater in Columbus, Ohio, Called Homeland Security Agents to Deal with a Man Wearing "Google Glass" while Watching a Film. There Have been No Examples of British Cinemas Calling the Cops on "Glass"-Wearers Yet but, as The Independent Reports, UK Cinema Chains are Nonetheless Banning the Device. The Cinema Exhibitors' Association, which Claims to Represent 90% of UK Cinema Operators, has Said that, "customers will be requested not to wear these into cinema auditoriums, whether the film is playing or not".

Cinema Chain Vue Said that, its Customers would be Asked to Remove "Glass" "as soon as the lights dim". Even so, "Google Glass" is probably One of the Worst Devices to Use to Record a Movie Surreptitiously. For a Start, Google Says that, "Glass" Can Only Record Video for around 45 Minutes before it Completely Drains the Battery and the Limited Amount of Onboard Storage Presents Another Issue. Additionally, Both the Image Sensor and Microphone are Hardly Suited to this Kind of Recording and let's Face it, you're Extremely Unlikely to be Able to Keep your Head still Enough through the Movie to Not Completely Ruin the Video Anyway. On Top of All this, the Display Remains Illuminated during Recording so, it's Not Like you'd Even be Able to Keep a Low Profile in a Dark Room. It's likely, however, that Cinema Chains are Simply Laying Down the Groundwork for the Future, Anticipating that "Glass" - and Similar Devices still to Come - will Improve with Time and that it Makes Sense to Get Users Accustomed to the Idea of a Ban Sooner Rather than Later.

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"PHILIP H. ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS" - "Bedridden" Music Videoclip

The 1st Official Music Videoclip from Phil Anselmo's Solo Project, "PHILIP H. ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS". From the Album "Walk Through Exits Only" was Released  July 16, 2013. Pre-Order the New Album, right here.

High Tablet Sales Blamed for Poor Handheld Gaming Device Sales

The Success of Tablet Sales could be Responsible for Poor Handheld Gaming Sales, Judging by a UK Study. Tablets are Now the Preferred Portable Gaming Device for Children, Outperforming the Nintendo 3DS and the PlayStation Vita. The Futuresource Consulting Study Reveals that, 44% of British Kids Aged between 3 and 12 Own a Tablet. Out of the Mix, a Whopping 30% of the Young Tablet Owners are Aged between 3 and 4. There is also a Much Higher likelihood of Parents Purchasing a Tablet over a Portable Gaming Console for their Children. The Preference of Buying a Nexus, iPad or a Galaxy is Twice as High Compared to Portable Gaming Devices. Despite the Amount of Free Apps on oOffer, the Statistics Show Parents Aren’t Hesitant to Spend Money on Apps either. 17% of Parents Surveyed Spent More than £100 per Year on Apps.

The Smartphone Craze could also be Contributing to Poor Handheld Gaming Device Sales. 25% of All 9 to 10-Year-Olds Own a Smartphone. Almost Half of 11 to 12-Year-Olds also Own a Handset. These Figures are Bad News for Companies like Nintendo, Who Rely on Sales of the Handheld DS Range for Revenue. Disappointing Wii U Sales Combined with Sony's Growing Dominance, has Led to a Drop in Nintendo's Share Prices. Perhaps, the Popularity of Tablets could See the End of the Handheld Gaming Device Generation. There was One Statistic that Proved to be Shocking, Book Reading Remains the Most Popular Activity among Youths at 45%. It Appears Even the Latest Trends in Technology Cannot Dethrone this Classic Pastime.

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VIDEO: Why the PS Vita is Doomed and What it Teaches Us About Consoles

Once Again we're Turning to the Squeeky-Voiced Wisdom of 'Extra Credits' to Analyze the Realities of the Games Industry. This Time Around, Why Sony's Pocket-Sized Powerhouse Might Not Make it to 2015.

Microsoft's Smartwatch Said to Arrive in October

Microsoft is Building a Smartwatch and Thanks to the Copious Amount of Rumors on the Subject, this Bit of Information is Taken as Fact, Rather than Fiction. While we Haven't Seen the Watch Leak in any Pictures, Yet, Details about the Device Have Surfaced Recently. Per the Previous Rumors, Forbes Said its Own Unnamed Sources Stated that, Microsoft’s Smartwatch will Work with All the Major Smartphone Platforms and will Continuously Monitor your Heart Rate. The Battery Life is Said to be Targeted at Lasting 2 Days without Needing to be Recharged. Thanks to a New Report from Toms Hardware, we Now Have a Month for Launch; the Smartwatch is Set to Arrive in October. The Information Goes Beyond the Release Date and Says that, it will Feature a Slimmer Design than is What is currently on the Market and Have 11 Different Sensors.

The Rumored Information also Says that, "the display is on the inside of the wrist as opposed to the outside and says turning your palm up to look at the watch actually feels a lot more natural".  The October Timeframe is a Bit Later than we had been Hearing Previously, which Said Late Summer was the Targeted Release Window. But, Microsoft has been Known to Launch Hardware in the Month of October so, the Timing Doesn't Seem All that Unusual. This Past Week at Google I/O, Several Vendors Announced New Smartwatches, Some of which are Up for Pre-Order Now. There is also Apple, too, Who is Said to be Preparing a Smartwatch. Knowing this, the Smartwatch Market is about to Become Quite Crowded and we will be Very Curious to See How Microsoft Attempts to Differentiate itself from the Others.

Info Source:,27158.html

"PSYCHOSTICK" - "Sadface :(" Music Videoclip

"Psychostick" are an Amazing Comedy Rock Group that Pretty Much Hit the Nail on the Head with Everything they Write and their New Music Video for "Sadface :(" Off the Space Vampires VS Zombie Dinosaurs in 3D Album is No Different. If you Didn't Realize that Literally Nobody Gives a Shit about your Sadness and Whatever on the Grand ol' Intarwebz, then Watch this Video. It does a Splendid Job of Rendering All your Whining Meaningless… or More Meaningless, for that Matter. Thanks "Psychostick" ! You Make us Laugh by Telling the Truth.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Facebook Page Endorses "Areal"

The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Facebook Page, Indirectly Addresses the Contoversy about "Areal", a First-Person Shooter Intended as a Spiritual Successor to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Series. Though the Pedigree was Called into Question by Vostok Games, Developers of Another S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Homage Called, Survarium, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Originators GSC Game World Say they Love All their Children Equally:

"As the Official page for GSC Game World, we represent the interests and intellectual property of GSC Game World. Since GSC Game World is not currently producing any games, we have generously and tirelessly supported and promoted all those Games that former GSC Employees have been involved with in the past, currently and in the future. This includes Metro 2033, Survarium, Cradle, Nuclear Union ( no longer in production ) and now Areal. This is nothing new. We also have promoted the Modding Community with major titles such as Misery, The Seed, Lost Alpha and other works. Our position is that all in the Stalker Community benefit from such a diverse and unique variety of Games. The only thing we are not tolerant about is one part of the Stalker Community disparaging another. Thanks for your understanding and support."

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"JUNGLE ROT" - "Utter Chaos" Music Videoclip

"Jungle Rot"'s, "Utter Chaos", is from their Album, "Terror Regime", Available Now. Shot Live at Reggie's Rock Club in Chicago Last Year.

"Google Voice" Plans to Make Transcriptions Better with Your Help

What's the Silliest "Google Voice" Transcription you've Gotten ? That Question Might Have Come Up during a Meet-Up with Tech-Loving Friends before -- Afterall, you're Not the Only User Who's Ever Received Garbled Voicemail-to-Text Messages. In Fact, Even Google Tech Lead Manager, Alex Wiesen, Admits they Can be "unintentionally hilarious", to the Point that, the Company's Now Asking for your Help to Make Transcriptions Better. Now, When you Log into "Google Voice" on the Web, you'll be Given the Choice to Share your Voicemail Messages (Anonymously, Thank Goodness) to be Analyzed for Accuracy by Automated Systems. While you Can already Submit Individual Messages for Analysis, you'll Automatically be Sending the System All your Messages, All the Time, if you Decide to Participate in this Project. Don't Worry, though: you Can Always Disable it through "Google Voice's" Settings Page in Case you Change your Mind Later on.

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"SIRENS & SAILORS" - "Go For The Throat" Lyric Music Videoclip

Rochester, NY's "Sirens & Sailors" Have Premiered a New Track When they've Launched their New Album Last Year on Artery/Razor & Tie.

Hilarious New "Guardians of the Galaxy" TV Spot is Filled with Lots of Thrilling (and Revealing) New Footage + 3 Promo Arts

There’s a Brand-New "Guardians of the Galaxy" Extended TV Spot that’s been Released featuring Some Truly Exciting New Footage and Plenty of Zingers. Directed by James Gunn, Marvel’s "Guardians of the Galaxy" is Set to Open in just a Little Over a Month so, Disney is Ramping Up its Promotion for Marvel’s upcoming Space Epic. The 1-Minute TV Spot is Full of Revealing, Brand-New Footage that’s Incredibly Action-Packed and Funny as Heck.

Our Favourite Nit ? This Small Snippet between 'Rocket Racoon' (Voiced by Bradley Cooper) and Peter Quill, a.k.a. 'Star-Lord' (Chris Pratt) :

“Why do you wanna save the galaxy ?” – 'Rocket Racoon'.
“Because I’m one of the idiots who lives in it !” – 'Star-Lord'.

Those are Some Pretty Wise Words. Also, Have a Look at these Cool Pieces of Promo Art from an upcoming Calendar Movie Tie-In:

"Guardians of the Galaxy" will Hit Cinemas on August 1st.

Here's the TV Spot for the Movie:

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VIDEO: It's Official: "Pacific Rim 2" is a Go, Announced by Del Toro's Himself

After Months of Speculation, a Sequel to Pacific Rim is Confirmed -- and it Even has a Release Date. April 7, 2017, has been Set for the Arrival of the Film, which Guillermo del Toro will Return to Direct from a Screenplay by del Toro and Zak Penn (X-Men: The Last Stand). The Movie will be Released by Universal Studios in 3D and IMAX 3D. Del Toro Made the News Official Himself in a Short Videoclip Recorded in Toronto (Watch below), Where he is Finishing Up his 2015 Haunted-House Movie, Crimson Peak. He Revealed that, in Addition to Working with Penn and Original Pacific Rim Writer, Travis Beacham on the New Film, they're also Developing an Animated Series and Comic Books.

There's No Word on which Cast Members will Return but, Del Toro Told Buzzfeed (via Slashfilm) :

"The characters I love will return. Raleigh, Mako, Newt, Gottlieb and who knows, maybe even Hannibal Chau -- but we are taking them into a fresh territory that will display amazing sights and battles. The first film set the stage and now we’re ready to have a blast."

The 1st Pacific Rim Wasn't a Tremendous Success in the U.S., Where its Box Office Topped Out at $101 Million but, it Raked in Another $309 Million Overseas, Enough to Convince Legendary Pictures (which Funded the Original) and its New Distribution Partner, Universal, that there was Interest Enough in del Toro's World of Kaiju and Jaeger Robots to Continue the Story. Are you Happy that "Pacific Rim 2" is Happening ? Where you would Like to See del Toro Take the Tale Next ?

Del Toro's Announcement for "Pacific Rim 2" Development:

Astronomers Found the Closest Super-Earth Yet that Might be Able to Support Life

The Big Bullseye for Astronomers Now is to Find a Planet in the Habitable Zone that could Support Life and a Team just Spotted One a Hop, Skip and Jump Away (Relatively Speaking) from Earth. So, How Long until we Can Get there ? Known as 'Gliese 832c', the Planet is Located just 16 Light-Years from Earth. Admittedly, that’s still about 94.4 Trillion Miles from Earth, but, hey -- the Milky Way Galaxy is a Clear 100,000 Light-Years across so, it's Pretty Darn Close in the Grand Scheme of Things. So Yeah, we’re Not Even Getting there by Conventional Means. But, Get a Warp Drive Running and this is just a Quick Jaunt across Town. The “Super-Earth”, which is about 5 Times the Size of our Planet, is Located in the Goldilocks Zone Orbiting the Star 'Gilese 832' and it Makes a Full Orbit about Every 36 Days.

But, the Host Star there is a Red Dwarf that’s a Whole Lot Cooler and Dimmer than our Sun so, by Being Closer, it actually Puts this Planet right in the Sweet Spot. Despite the Fact that, the Temperature might Match Up, the Team Notes the Large Mass of the Planet could’ve Led to a Runaway Greenhouse Effect a la Venus — which would Effectively Render it Inhabitable. So, Bring along Some Oxygen just in Case we Ever Get to that Neighborhood. This Find Joins Two Other Earth-Like Planets Scientists Have Spotted in Recent Years and it actually Marks the Closest One Yet (Proximity-Wise) to Earth. Researchers with the Planetary Habitability Laboratory at the University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo, Noted that, its Closeness should Make it a Prime Candidate for further Study. Or, you Know, Exploration if we Can Ever Make it Out of our Darn Solar System.

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"ABYSMAL DAWN" - "In Service of Time" Music Videoclip

"ABYSMAL DAWN""In Service of Time" Taken from the Album, "Leveling the Plane of Existence" ; Out Now via Relapse Records.

New Trailer for Wachowskis', "Jupiter Ascending" (Despite the 2015 Delay)

Despite the Film being Bumped to 2015 at the Eleventh Hour, Warner Bros. is still Pushing the Wachowskis’ Ambitious New Sci-Fi Flick, "Jupiter Ascending". The Latest ? A Wild New Trailer. Though the Studio Reportedly Pushed the Film to February 2015 to Give the Directors More Time to Massage the Film and Work Out Some FX Work, this New Trailer has a Lot in Common with What we’ve Seen before. Yes, there’s Some New Footage but, its just as Bizarre as All the Other Footage they’ve Released. Depending on your Take on the Project, that Could be a Good Thing or a Bad Thing.

Here’s the Full SYNOPSIS:

"Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis) was born under a night sky, with signs predicting that she was destined for great things. Now grown, Jupiter dreams of the stars but wakes up to the cold reality of a job cleaning toilets and an endless run of bad breaks. Only when Caine (Channing Tatum), a genetically engineered ex-military hunter, arrives on Earth to track her down does Jupiter begin to glimpse the fate that has been waiting for her all along – her genetic signature marks her as next in line for an extraordinary inheritance that could alter the balance of the cosmos."

Check Out the Trailer for the Movie below and Let us Know What you Think:

"Jupiter Ascending" Opens February 6, 2015.

First Trailer for Netflix's New Sci-Fi Anime, "Knights of Sidonia", is Awesome

From Award-Winning Dramas to Kiddie Shows, Netflix’s Original Programming is Expanding into just about Every Category these Days. The Latest ? Anime. The Streaming-Service-Turned-Content-Company is Launching its 1st-Ever Anime Series, "Knights of Sidonia", on July 4, Based on the Manga Series of the Same Name. The 12-Episode Futuristic Series has already Aired in Japan and Netflix is the Exclusive U.S. Outlet, Technically Making this a “Netflix Original”.

Check Out the Official SYNOPSIS, below:

"The first Netflix original anime series, Knights of Sidonia, based on the popular manga series of the same name, follows Nagate, a low-born youth in a society of genetically engineered refugees who escaped the destruction of Earth one thousand years earlier and now occupy the massive ship Sidonia. When Nagate's talent as a pilot is revealed he becomes one of Sidonia's elite defenders against the Guana, shapeshifting aliens bent on eliminating humans from existence."

The 1st Trailer for the Series has also been Released and it actually Looks Pretty Fantastic. Hey, Netflix is Pretty Much Killing it, in Every Other Category — Why Not Anime ?

You’ll Need 165Mbps Internet in Just 6 Years, Study Finds

Google Fiber is an Incredible Consumer Internet Service — Currently the Best, by Far — but, as the Rest of the Country Routinely Laments, it’s Barely Available Anywhere. The Service Doesn’t Seem to Roll Out to New Areas Quickly Enough and that’s a Terrible Shame, because a New Study suggests that, your Puny $50 per Month 30Mbps Speed Offered by your Basically-a-Monopoly ISP, Isn’t Going to Cut it in just 6 Years. You’ll Need over 5 Times the Speed by 2020. We’re All Doomed. Conducted by NL Kabal and Cable Europe, the Study States that, the Sufficient Provisioned Speeds for 2013 — Basically the Speeds you Need to Get by Without a Headache — were 15.3Mbps Down and 1.6Mbps Up. That’s More or Less What Even the Most Money-Grubbing ISP Monopolies Offer. However, by 2020, the Study Found that, those “Required” Speeds will Jump to a Staggering 165Mbps Down and 20Mbps Up. Considering it Feels Like we’ve been Stuck at our 30Mbps Down and 5Mbps Up Time Warner-Comcast Plan for Years, we’re All Likely Boned.

The Actual Data to Arrive at the Estimation, which the News Release Doesn’t Seem to Show, Cites the Growth of an Average User’s Data Consumption — a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 40.3% Down and 43.9% Up. By 2020, the Study Predicts, the Average Household will Require 8GB of Down Data per Day and 3GB of Up. To Compare, a Common Mobile Data Cap right now for an Entire Month is 2GB. At the Moment, Google Fiber is Barely Anywhere — Kansas City (Kansas and Missouri), Austin, Texas and Provo, Utah. That’s it and it’s been Available for a Few Years Now. As for the Service’s Expansion Plans, they’re Not too Expansive. If the NL Kabal and Cable Europe Study is Correct, our (Widely Despised) ISPs are Going to Have to Up their Ante Very Soon — and Most Customers would Tell you that, they Don’t Really Have a History in Doing that.

"KAMELOT" - "My Confession" ft. Eklipse Music Videoclip

From "Kamelot's" Chartbreaking Album, "Silverthorn", Comes the New Videoclip and Song, "My Confession". Featuring the Quartet, Eklipse. Director: Ivan Colic.

Facebook Conducted Psychological Experiments on Unknowing Users **UPDATE**

The Latest Way that Facebook has been Peeking into its Users’ Personal Lives May be the Most Surprising Yet: Facebook Researches Have Published a Scientific Paper that Reveals the Company has been Conducting Psychological Experiments on its Users to Manipulate their Emotions. The Experiments Sought to Prove the Phenomenon of “Emotional Contagion” — as in, Whether you’ll be More Happy if those in your Facebook News Feed are. They Took Place over the Week of January 11-18, 2012 and Targeted 689,003 English-Speaking Facebook Users. The Study, which was Published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. was Successful. It Found that, indeed, Manipulating the Algorithm to Show More “Positive” Posts in your News Feed will actually Inspire you to Write More “Positive” Posts Yourself. So, for Example, if you See a Lot of People Happy about their Jobs or Excited to be Seeing the Concert of their Favourite Band, then you’re More Likely to Post that you are Happy about Something in your Life, too. While that Little Fact in itself May be Interesting, there’s One Disturbing Aspect of the Study: None of the People Involved in the Experiment were Explicitly Told that, they would be a Part of it.

Facebook does Have Terms of Service — Ones that Every Facebook User has Agreed to — that Specify Users’ Data May be Used “for internal operations, including troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, research and service improvement”. The Researchers of this Psychology Experiment Argue that, their Experiments Fall under these Terms of Use because “no text was seen by the researchers”. Rather, a Computer Program Scanned for Words that were Considered either “positive” or “negative”. “As such”, the Researchers Write, “it was consistent with Facebook’s Data Use Policy, to which all users agree prior to creating an account on Facebook, constituting informed consent for this research”. People Have Long been Familiar with the Double-Edged Sword of Using Facebook: The Social Network May be Useful for Staying in Touch with your Friends but, Facebook Can Find Out Who you are from your Data — Information as Specific as Where you Went on Vacation or What Movie you Went to See on a Given Friday Night.

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s Chief Operations Officer, Explained Recently What the Company Aims to do with the Massive Amounts of Data it Collects from Users. “Our goal is that every time you open News Feed, every time you look at Facebook, you see something, whether it’s from consumers or whether it’s from marketers, that really delights you, that you are genuinely happy to see”, she Said. The Company Doesn’t just Hang onto that Data or Use it for Research. It also Gives Other Entities Access to it. Sometimes it’s for Something as Banal as a Targeted Advertisement. Other Times, Data on Users Can be Handed over for Intelligence Agency Investigations, or to an Insurance Company. While Users May Have Some Awareness of the Terms they’ve Agreed to When Signing Up, they Aren’t Fully Aware of What their Information is Being Used for. A Consumer Reports Survey, for example, Found that, “only 37 percent of Facebook users say they have used the site’s privacy tools to customize how much information apps are allowed to see”. Those 3rd Parties are One of the Biggest Collectors of Data. And, the Report Explains, this Touches Everyone, Not just those Who Don’t Change their App Settings. “Even if you have restricted your information to be seen by friends only, a friend who is using a Facebook app could allow your data to be transferred to a third party without your knowledge.” Advocates Have Said One Way to Combat this Absolute Lack of Knowledge — and to Avoid being Unwittingly Used in a Psychological Experiment — is to Mandate that Tech Companies Put their Terms of Use in “plain English”. “There’s a burden on the individual to get educated but, there’s also a burden on the companies”Dr. Pamela Rutledge, Director of the Media Psychology Research Center, Told ThinkProgress Earlier this Year, “We’re not all lawyers, we’re not all IT guys”, she Said.


Facebook Appears Nonplussed by the Concern over its Experimentation on Users. In a Statement to Forbes, a Company Spokesperson Said, there is No Invasion of Privacy in the Experiments. “We do research to improve our services and to make the content people see on Facebook as relevant and engaging as possible”, the Spokesperson Said. “A big part of this is understanding how people respond to different types of content, whether it’s positive or negative in tone, news from friends, or information from pages they follow. We carefully consider what research we do and have a strong internal review process. There is no unnecessary collection of people’s data in connection with these research initiatives and all data is stored securely.”

Info Source:

domingo, 29 de junho de 2014

VIDEOS: "Tom Clancy's EndWar Online" Alpha Begins

UbiBlog has Word that, Alpha Testing is Underway for "Tom Clancy's EndWar Online", Fully 4 Months After they actually Announced they would Start Testing the upcoming Free-to-Play MOBA. Word is: "During the Alpha phase, a limited number of dedicated Generals will be invited to test EndWar Online’s most comprehensive build to date". They Celebrate the News with 2 New Videos, "EndWar Online SITREP #10" with a Community Q&A and an "Exciting Announcement" (that we just Spoiled) and a Narrated Alpha Gameplay Walkthrough.

Here's on How to Get in on the Alpha:

"1) An official email invitation from us. In order to maximize your chance to be selected, make sure that you have completed as many tasks as possible from the Beta Boost program and that you are an active contributor on the official EndWar Online Facebook page as well as the EndWar Online forums. Former Tech Assault players will be given queuing priority.

2) The Alpha Lucky Draw. As openings in the Alpha become available, we will give players who did not receive invitations a chance to be randomly chosen as an Alpha tester ! All you have to do to take part in the draw is register or sign up with your Uplay account, click “Play Alpha Now” and try your luck at the Lucky Draw. You can participate once per day so, keep trying and you may be granted immediate access to the game !"

Info Sources and Videos:

"POWERWOLF" - "Amen & Attack" Music Videoclip

Music Videos are Few and Far between these Days. Especially Music Videos of the Heavy Metal Variety. So, it's Always a Treat When a Metal Band Releases a Video to Tease an upcoming Album in this Post-Headbanger's Ball Wasteland we're All Forced to Inhabit. "Powerwolf's" Album, "Preachers of the Night", Came Out on Tuesday July 9, 2013 and the Band Have Released in that Time, a Video for the Track, "Amen & Attack". This Isn't One of those Crappy Lyric Videos either; this is the Real Deal. There's Blood, Fire and Cult Members Dragging around a Chick Who's Tied Up. All Set to a Soundtrack of Pan-European, Gothic Power Metal.

Magnetic Pulses Can Predict Earthquakes

Japan is still Recovering from an Earthquake 3 Years Ago that Triggered a Tsunami of Devastation Followed by a Nuclear Meltdown. We're Working on Better Forecast Scenarios, as well as, Turning to Crowdsourcing to Get Data about Specific Earthquakes but, Wouldn’t it be Better if we Could actually Predict When and Where they’ll Happen ? That Might Now be Possible if Friedemann Freund, a Crystallographer at San Jose State University in California, is Correct: he States that Earthquakes are Preceded by a Small Series of Pulses in the Earth’s Magnetic Field. If we Could Detect these Signals Accurately, we Can Predict Earthquakes. After Studying Data about Several Earthquakes, Freund and his Team Noticed a Pattern. Before Each Quake, Magnetic Pulses Near the Epicenters Became More Active: they were Stronger and Closer Together. For Example, Several Weeks before a Magnitude 5.4 Earthquake Struck just Outside San Jose, Scientific Instruments Picked Up a Series of Magnetic Pulses unlike Anything Detected before. Shortly before the Earthquake, those Pulses Quickened. This also Happened with 2 Earthquakes in Peru.

So What Causes these Magnetic Pulses ? Freund has a Theory, which he Demonstrated in a Lab, Involving his Area of Expertise in Crystallography. Rocks Have Small Crystals in them with Bonded Oxygen Molecules. When the Sides of a Fault Line Begin to Rub Together, the Rocks between them Get Squeezed and these Oxygen Bonds Break and Release Electrons with a Negative Charge. This Creates an Electrical Disturbance that Creates Magnetic Pulses and as the Rocks Get Squeezed More, the Disturbance and Pulses Increase. There are Critics of Freund’s Concepts, though. Some Scientists Think these Pulses Might be Triggered by Lightning. Freund Argues that, the Length of Some of the Pulses before the Earthquakes he Studied Rule that out, along with the Fact that, the Strongest Pulses were Nearest to the Earthquakes’ Epicenters. Other Scientists Point Out that, the Pulses could be Inadvertently Man-Made. Freund Submitted his Research Paper for Review by Other Scientists so, Only Time will Tell if he’s Correct. However, Even if we Can Predict Earthquakes Using these Magnetic Pulses, we’ll Have to Focus Not on the Pulses Themselves but rather, on their Pattern, Size and Duration. If the Concept Holds Up, Think of the Property and Lives that Might be Saved with a Little Advance Warning.

Info Source:

Chip in Paralyzed Man's Brain Lets Him Move his Own Hand

Four Years Ago, Ian Burkhart was Paralyzed from the Chest Down during a Trip to the Beach, after he Dived onto a Sandbank by Mistake. Last Week, however, the 23-Year-Old was Able to Move the Fingers in his Hand for the 1st Time — Simply Using the Power of Thought. The Breakthrough was Made Possible by the Insertion of a Microchip in the Part of the Young Man's Brain that Controls the Movement of his Arms and Hands during an Operation in April. Although the Power of Thought has been Used in the Past to Move Artificial Limbs, this is the 1st Time that a Quadriplegic has been Able to Move One of his Own.

The Chip, just 0.15 of an Inch Wide and with 96 Electrodes that Can Read Thoughts, was Inserted into a Port into the American Man's Skull and Connected to a Computer via a Normal Computer Lead. The Electrodes Deciphered the Messages Burkhart was Sending to his Brain and the Computer Translated them into Commands which were then Sent, via a "Sleeve" Containing More Electrodes around his Forearm, which Stimulated the Muscles in his Hand, Making them Obey the Brain's Commands. It Took Burkhart just 1/10th of a Second from Thinking about Moving his Arm to Moving it. The Breakthrough was a Combined Effort between the Surgeons and Spinal Specialists of the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and Specialist Engineers from Battelle, a Non-Profit Engineering Company, Who had Created Something Called, 'Neurobridge', which Creates a Virtual Spinal Cord Using Microchip Technology.

After the Operation, Burkhart Suffered Terrible Headaches and Wasn't Allowed to Watch TV or Movies as the Specialists had Forbidden him to Concentrate on Anything. "Today was great", Said Burkhart. "To be able to open and close my hand and do those complex movements that I haven't been able to do for four years was great. Physically, it was a foreign feeling. Emotionally it was definitely a sense of hope and excitement to know that it's possible." Last Month, the FDA Approved the 1st Commercial Bionic Arm. The Maker of the Device, DEKA, whose Founder, Dean Kamen also Created the Segway, was Part-Funded by DARPA which is, as we Know, Big on Robotic Devices.

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"VEIL OF MAYA" - "20/200 // Divide Paths" Music Videoclip

Fire and Planets are the 2 Words that Can be Used to Summarize the New Video from "Veil of Maya" Off their Album, "Eclipse". Catch the Band All Summer on the All-Stars Tour.

Gold Nanoparticles Can Be Used to Melt Your Excess Fat

Cosmetic Surgery might Often be Controversial but, it’s More Popular than Ever. Just Last Year, Americans Spent More than $12 Billion on Cosmetic Surgery. One of the Most Common Procedures, Liposuction, though, is Getting a New Technological Twist: a Team of Researchers Determined that, Gold Nanoparticles Can be Used to Melt Fat before being Suctioned Out. Gold Nanoparticles are the New Poster Child for Medical Tech. They’ve been Used for Research Involving Everything from Detecting Cancer to Creating Artificial Skin. One of the Main Traits of Gold Nanoparticles is that, they Heat Up Quickly after Infrared Light Exposure. They Get so Hot that, they Can Literally Melt Certain Kinds of Tissue Away. Researchers Have Looked at their Potential to Kill Cancer Cells, so a Professor at the University of California San Diego Thought that, they Might also be Useful for Taking Out Fat, too. Although Liposuction is a Common Procedure, it is Not Without Fault. It Comes with a Host of Side Effects, like Bruising and has a relatively Long Recovery Time.

The Standard Procedure is to Inject a Patient’s Fat with an Anesthetic and a Saline Solution. Then a Surgeon Inserts a Hollow Needle into the Fatty Area and Scrapes the Fat to Break it Up before Suctioning it Out. Unfortunately, this Technique Isn’t Completely Accurate and Often, Tissue Other than Fat and Nerves Gets Sucked Out in the Process. Ouch. Gold Nanoparticles, however, Simplify the Process. They are Injected into the Fatty Area, which is then Exposed to an Infrared Laser Light. Because Fat Melts at Lower Temperatures than Other Tissue and Nerves, Only Fat is specifically Targeted by the Procedure. After the Fat Melts, it Gets Sucked Out with a Needle. Researchers Successfully Tested this Technique on Butter and Bacon, Followed by Animals. The Results were so Good that, Preclinical Studies Continued. Expect Human Trials Soon.

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VIDEO: Aquatic "Hoverboard", Takes Surfing to Crazy New Heights

Just in Time for Summer is the Arrival of a New Toy Called the, "Hoverboard". It's the Creation of French Jetski Champion, Franky Zapata (Remember the Flyboard ?) That was his but, this is an Altogether More Sophisticated Beast — a Cross between a Wakeboard and a Hovercraft. And if that Description Doesn't Make you Desperate to Get One, then let's Assume you're the Kind of Person whose Idea of a Holiday Activity is a Quiet Week of Fly-Fishing in Alaska. The "Hoverboard" is Attached via a Long Length of Tubing to the Water Exhaust of a Jetski. It has its Own Single Nozzlw (the Flyboard had 2) which Shoots the Water Out of the Back of the Board, Enabling you to Travel at Up to 23 Miles per Hour.

Unlike, Say, a Surfboard or Skateboard, the Rider's Feet are Attached to the Board (like a Snowboard), Meaning, you Can Pull Crazy Shapes until your Jetskiing Chum Gets Bored and Goes in for Tea. Flyboard Owners Can Buy the Kit to Modify their Existing Board for just $2,675, while Anyone Who Wants a "Hoverboard" from Scratch will Need to Pony Up $5,850 When it Becomes Available this Month. You Can See How this Awesome and Insanely Fun Looking Invention Works in the Video below. It Made my Stepdaughter Go Googly-Eyed When she Watched it just Now.

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"TERROR" - "I'm Only Stronger" Music Videoclip

"Terror's" New Videoclip for the Track, "I'm Only Stronger", from their Album, "Live By The Code", Available Now.

The FAA has Grounded All Commercial Delivery Drones

If you've been Waiting Breathlessly for the Day When you Could Get a New Gizmo from Amazon or Some Piping Hot Food Delivered Directly to you by Autonomous Drone, you May Need to Put your Plans on Hold for a Little While. Buried Deep Inside an FAA Document Seeking Public Comment on Drones, or "Model Aircraft" as the FAA likes to Call them, is a Statement which Says that, "delivering of packages to people for a fee" is Banned.

And just in Case you Think that you Can Get around the "for a fee" Part with your Amazon PrimeAir Account's Free Shipping Clause, Forget it, because the Statement specifically Rules that Out too. Back in March a Federal Court Gave the Green Light to Commercial Drones, by Throwing Out an FAA Fine Handed Out to a Commercial Drone User. This Makes it Sound like, there could be a Real Fight Brewing over Jurisdiction and Whether the FAA has the Right to Set Rules for the Tiny Drones. For Now, Hobbyist Drones Remain Perfectly Legal so, it's Hard to Make a Safety Based Argument When it's Only Commercial Drones (Drones that People Get Paid to Fly) that are being Restricted.

Clearly, this Mess will Need to be Untangled before Amazon PrimeAir Drones Start Buzzing around Neighborhoods. There Have been a Number of Close Calls between Drones and Larger Aircraft Recently and it Seems like it would Only be a Matter of Time before Some Disaster Occurs. So, it's Obviously in Everyone's Best Interests to Get the Rules and Jurisdiction Nailed Down, before we All Start Getting Buzzed by Quadcopters Carrying a Couple of Large Pepperoni Pizzas to our Neighbor's World Cup Party.

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"ARMED FOR APOCALYPSE" - "Better Worlds" Music Videoclip

The New Sludgy Videoclip from "Armed For Apocalypse" for "Better Words". From their Full-Length, "The Road Will End" that Came Out July 23, 2013 in North America via Ironclad Recordings. Video Produced by Renderblitz.

"Cozy Room" - Personal Isolation Pod, Lets You Escape From the World

Are there Times When you Simply Want to Escape from the World into your Own Personal Space ? That's the Idea behind the "Cozy Room", a Tiny Cubicle Equipped with the Essentials of Life, Where you Can Spend Some Quality Time Alone. Looking a Bit like a Leftover Prop from the USS Enterprise, the "Cozy Room" has a Single Chair which Slides into a Cubicle, at which Point you Become Master of your Own Domain. No Yelling Kids, Barking Dogs, or Nagging Spouses Telling you to Mow the Lawn: just you, a Computer / TV Set and Whatever Other Personal Items you Can Squeeze into the Tiny Box. There are Several Drawers and Shelves Where you Can Stash your Treasures, including a Supply of Virgin Bourbon Whisky and your Priceless Collection of Gundam Figurines.

A Built-In Desk lets you Get Some Actual Real Work Done, although the Screen and Computer Don't Come with the "Cozy Room" and are Things you would Have to Add Yourself. Unfortunately, the "Cozy Room" Doesn't Have any Plumbing so, you will Need to Confront Reality Whenever Nature Calls. It also Doesn't Have Air Conditioning so, it May Start Getting Pretty Rank in there after a while. As you Might Expect, the "Cozy Room" is being Made for the Japanese Market and is Available for Pre-Order Now. At Around $8,000, it could End Up being a Lot Cheaper than Marriage Counseling or Sending the Kids to Grandma's for those Moments When you Need a Little me Time. In Addition to Home Use, I Think a Few of these would be a Great Feature for Airports. They could be Set Up so, you Rent them on an Hourly Basis, with them Spitting you Out on the Chair When Time's Up, No Matter What you Happen to be Up to.

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Commercial Jets are Being Turned into Flying Weather Stations

Accurately Predicting the Weather is a Science that had Seen Tremendous Advances Over the Years but, Now a New System Using Commercial Airliners as Flying Weather Stations could Make Forecasting More Precise than Ever. The National Weather Service still Uses Old-Fashioned Weather Balloons to Take Measurements of Wind, Temperature and Humidity Twice a Day from 69 Different Locations around the USA. That Works Tolerably Well but, Imagine if you could Expand that to Thousands of Sensors Flying All over the Country 24 Hours a Day. That's the Thinking Behind a New Program that Leverages Data Sent from Commercial Jets Equipped with Special Weather Sensors. So Far, Southwest Airlines has Added the Sensors to 87 of its Boeing 737 Fleet, while UPS has Sensors on 25 Jets that Transmit Data in Real-Time Directly to the National Weather Service.

Instead of Having to Make Forecasts Using just 138 Readings per Day, the National Weather Service is Getting 50,000 Reports Every 24 Hours from a Much Wider Variety of Locations. Southwest Says that, Having the More Accurate Data Enabled them to Keep Flying during an Ice Storm in Dallas Last November, while Other Airlines with Less Precise Information Grounded their Fleets. As the Program Expands, this Type of Data Sharing will Help to Save Money for All of the Airlines and Reduce Flight Delays while also Making Flying Safer. American Airlines is Now Jumping into the Mix, with Humidity Sensors from Panasonic being Added to 225 of their Planes. I just Hope this News Doesn't Send Some of the Unhinged Conspiracy Theorists Over the Edge. Some of them already Believe that, the U.S. Government is Gassing Everyone in the Country with their So-Called Chemtrails so, Imagine What they will Think When they Learn that Airlines are Adding Sensors to All of their Jets.

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Airbus and Safran Team Up to Compete with SpaceX

Last Year, Elon Musk’s SpaceX Officially Entered the Commercial Space Race. By Launching its 'Falcon 9' Rocket into Orbit, the Company Sent a Message to the World that it was Ready and Willing to Take on the Future of the Commercial Space Industry. This has Put the Heat on Older Companies that Once had the Monopoly on the Space Industry. As a Result, 2 of the Largest Commercial Space Businesses in Europe, Airbus and French Rocket Maker, Safran, Have Announced a New Partnership. The Commercial Space Industry was Once Dominated by 3 Groups of Companies: The United Launch Alliance (Lockheed and Boeing), Arianespace (Airbus and the French Government) and International Launch Services (Lockheed plus Russian Companies Khrunichev and Energia). Almost All Space Launches in the World Rely on One of these Groups. However, with SpaceX Now Successfully Launching Missions for NASA, these Companies are Starting to Take Notice. In Order to Compete, they’ve Realized they Need to Up their Game.

The One Thing that Companies like Airbus and Safran Have Going for them is Existing Government Contracts, as well as Experience. Big Government Contracts often Leave SpaceX Out, Something Musk’s Company is currently Fighting Against. At Some Point, though, those Governments will Realize that, SpaceX Can Save them Money and When it Comes Down to the Bottom Line, the Older and Larger Companies will eventually be the Ones Losing Out unless they Learn to Compete. SpaceX is still the Only Company Even Considering Reusable Rockets and that is Going to Make a Huge Dent in the Cost Factor. Needless to Say, Airbus Feels Threatened, as it should, which Explains this New Partnership with Safran to Create New Launch Vehicles. However, as there is No Talk that these New Launch Vehicles will actually be Reusable, SpaceX still Maintains the Advantage. So, Who Wins the Space Race in the End ? With Space Travel Becoming Less Expensive, that would be us, the Consumers and Future Space Travelers. (But Only if you're Mega Rich — Dep. Ed.) Who Knows ? Maybe we’ll Even See Affordable Space Travel in our Lifetime and Have the Opportunity to Get a Peek at What Lies Out there Amongst the Stars.

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Russia's Latest Nuclear Submarine, Glides into Action

Russia has Unveiled a New Monster Submarine. The "K-560 Severodvinsk" Underwent her Flag-Raising Ceremony Earlier this Week in Severodvinsk, the City she was Named after, after Undergoing almost 3 Years of Sea Trials. She'll Move to her New Home in the Northern Fleet by the End of the Year and will be, Says Admiral Chirkov, the 1st of as Many of 6 Similar Vessels. "We will build as many as we need to defend the motherland", he Told Severodvinsk Crew Members at the Ceremony, which Marked the Submarine's Acceptance by the Russian Navy, on Tuesday. At 393 Foot Long and with a Top Speed of around 35 Knots, the New Sub is a Yasen-Class Nuclear Vessel but, with a Sophisticated New Sonar System that Takes Up almost the Entire Bow Space. Sophisticated or Not, it's still No Match for this Experimental Piece of Tech. She Can Dive to 600 Meters and within her Low-Magnetic Steel Hull is a Sophisticated New-Generation Nuclear Reactor.

Her Armory includes Torpedoes, 2 Different Types of Cruise Missile, a Surface-to-Air Missile and the 90 Crew Members will also Have the Wherewithal to Operate Drones, or "Military Robots", as they were Described. Of those 90 Crew, 32 of them will be Officers, which suggest that, the Military Tech on Board is Pretty High-Falutin' Stuff. The Severodvinsk will also Carry Mines, which are Expected to be More Sophisticated than these Soviet-Era Versions, Now Converted into Furniture. Russia is Expected to Build Another 5 of these Subs but, its Underwater Firepower will still be Dwarfed by that of the U.S., which currently has 21 Virginia-Class Subs in Commission, with Another 5 Expected to be Built in the Coming Years. But, Russian Subs Aren't All Bad. During the Catastrophic BP Oil Leak in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, a Sub Called the Mir-2 was Sent Down to Explore the Leak from the Deepwater Horizon Platform. Its 6,000-Meter Diving Capabilities Make those of the Severodvinsk Appear Pretty Mundane.

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"EMINENCE" - "No Code" Lyric Music Videoclip

Brazilian Metal Machine, "Eminence", Released this Lyric Video for "No Code" with a Special Appearance from Sepultura Bassist, Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr, Who also Appears on 2 Other Songs on the Band's upcoming Full Length Album, "The Stalker", that Came Out Last August 2013. Video Directed by Digo Gazinelle.

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GameStop Launches Trade-In Program, Paying for Your XBox One Kinect

GameStop has Recently Announced a Trade-In Deal for Users Who Wish to Drop their XBox One Kinect for Some Extra Money. The Company is Offering a $32 Pay-Out in Cash or $40 In-Store Credit and is Reportedly Available in All U.S Stores. It's also Worth Noting that, if you're a PowerUp Rewards Pro Member you'll Receive an Extra 10% Credit if you Take Up the Offer. The Trade-In Program Began Yesterday, with the News Originating from Twitter User, 'Wario64'. Both Polygon and GameSpot Have Confirmed the Trade-In Program with Multiple GameStop Associates Around the States. For Many Months Microsoft Tried to Persuade Skeptical Gamers that the Kinect Hardware was a Vital Part of the XBox One Experience. However in May, Microsoft Announced that, the XBox One could be Purchased without the Kinect at a Lower Sum of $399. This Knocked $100 Off the Console's Original Cost, in a Bid to Reign in More Sales Around the Globe. Major Rival Sony currently has the Upper Hand on Overall Sales, with the PlayStation 4 Surpassing 6 Million Units. Whether the Masses will Flock to GameStop to Get Rid of their Kinect, Only Time will Tell. The Price of the Pre-Owned Kinects that are Traded in, is Yet to be Revealed.

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"ORPHANED LAND" - "All Is One" Music Videoclip

The Title Track from the Band's New Album, "All Is One".

"ARK OF THE COVENANT" - "Parasite" Music Videoclip

From the Album, "Self Harvest", Out Now on Facedown Records. Directed by Matt Spencer.

Developer Claims Microsoft Stole his Idea and Now Earns Billions from it

In 1996, V_Graph Approached Microsoft with a Product that they Called, ‘Web Widgets’, which was Able to Incorporate Web Content within Applications. Microsoft Ultimately Didn't Formalise a Deal with V_Graph and Declined to Use their Product in the Development of its Next Web Browser. But, as VentureBeat Reports, When Microsoft Launched Internet Explorer 3.0 a Few Months Later, it Featured Similar Technology to that of V_Graph. The Former Head of V_Graph, Rob Morris, has Now Accused Microsoft of Having “Appropriated” the Company’s Technology, which he Says Resulted in the Demise of his Business. Microsoft was Awarded a Patent, which it Filed in 1997, for "a web browser control for incorporating web browser functionality into application programs" and Today it is One of Numerous Patents from which the Company Earns Licensing Fees for its Use on Android Devices. Morris Claims that, the Technology Helped Microsoft to Defeat Netscape Navigator in the ‘Browser Wars’ of the 1990s and that it also Enabled the Company to Argue that, Internet Explorer was a Separate Component from the Windows Operating System during Antitrust Trials. He Said that he, “didn’t think they’d actually get a patent on it, because for a patent you need something novel and we’d been selling it already for well over a year”.

More than Simply Complaining, though, Morris is Planning to Take Action, Seeking to Get the Patent Overturned before it Expires in 2017. "We did not act until now because my little company was basically extinguished by this whole experience", he Says. "However, now with the ability to do crowdfunding, it is finally possible to try." He has Established an Indiegogo Campaign Called, 'Free the Browser', which he Says Intends "to fight [Microsoft's] bad browser patent" and "to stop them charging for this. Right now, for example, they collect billions of dollars from Android users, with their patent portfolio licensing machine".  He Initially Hopes to Raise $35,000 to File an Objection with the US Patent Office but, if he Succeeds in Raising $250,000, he Says he will be Able to Make the Case in Person, "to object and to stay in the fight and counter Microsoft's arguments". At Time of Publication, the Campaign had Raised $214 in the 6 Days since its Launch. He Claims that, "this bad patent currently affects every smart phone and tablet user in America today. It was annoying when Microsoft started giving this technology away as part of their operating system but that, only hurt my company. Now, they are making billions licensing their patent portfolio and it makes us mad to think they are charging Android users for this".

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